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  1. montrossx

    wave 79

    Galactic Storm would be awesome! Just read it for the first time a few weeks ago. Are new costumes considered a redo or new character? Vision, Goliath, Binary...
  2. Ordered. Congrats, Luke! Hope to get a classic Madrox some day, too.
  3. I'm hoping for some classic Avengers myself, especially if it's villain loaded like 77. There's lots of classic villains that haven't been made, foremost being Whirlwind for me.
  4. montrossx

    wave 77

    That's true! And this new one may look even better. But I need that hood... 😄
  5. montrossx

    wave 77

    Great wave! Looking forward to Spider Slayer the most. Not expecting it, but would love to see an alternate head for Blackie Drago Vulture. Love that era...
  6. montrossx

    wave 77

    If we get another Vulture, I'd like an alternate hooded head for Blackie Drago. And yes, only because of the 1966 cartoon.
  7. Saw a second set of wave 8 in Iowa today, so finally picked up the Wasp set.
  8. If you like the Jakks 4" articulated World of Nintendo figs, my local Target in Iowa had one of the newer waves very cheap. Don't remember the exact price but it was something around $3 each, got the whole wave for the price of one of them at BBTS. Raccoon Mario, Metal Mario, Hammer Bro, Iggy Koopa. Not sure if they got them mixed up with the 2" unarticulated figures or what. They were in this central toy section with Minecraft and Pokemon toys, not clearance. Hope this is helpful...
  9. I folded some tabs on the bottom of these so they actually stand pretty well. If I had trimmed off all the white space though, they'd probably need some additional support.
  10. I'm sure these don't really qualify as customs, but got in the mood to make some Giant Man and Goliath cutouts. Took pics of my mates, cleaned up Giant Man, and printed as 4x6. Probably as good as I'm ever gonna get... Might try 3x5 too and see how that looks.
  11. I've seen some of these start to show up in Des Moines recently. One store had wave 8 last weekend. Two stores had Infinity War wave 2 today. Still means most stores are stuck on old waves.
  12. Never bought anything on shapeways, though I've been tempted. These may finally break me...
  13. Zach - How far along was TRU 27, and any future waves past that?
  14. montrossx

    WAVE 76

    Hopefully we’re not really waiting until November on these.
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