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    Minimates, Transformers, 1/6 scale stuff, Metal Gear Solid, Anime, Justice League, The Ultimates, and Muscle Cars

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  1. Got a full set myself for the clearance price. Went back a few days later to pick up some more golden Ultrons and an extra Hydra soldier. Love the prices
  2. $71.88. Not bad. The wife is gonna be mad. But anyways, awesome mates and I gotta say, I was hoping to get the more obscure characters and its like they were reading my mind. Now we need Hudson, Frost, Crowe and Ferro
  3. Sorry, they do come with the clear stand. LOL, i didnt see them because they were clear and i was too excited to double check ;-)
  4. No clear stands but cool looking blister trays. Also, not known if this was mentioned, but the new Hulkbuster has bicep/arm armor that the original one does not have.
  5. Saw this set at my comic shop over the weekend. Was kinda underwhelmed with it, but now I see that Iron Man has a helmet to complete his outfit, so I might end up buying it today. LOL, didnt like it since I saw Iron Man with just a bodysuit and no armor. But this story line is one of those other universe like AoA, right?
  6. Interesting. Still thinking about getting them, but havent been able to see them where I live. Thanks for the info.
  7. Was looking at eBay and spotted a C3 set for WWE. When did these come out? And sorry if there has already been info posted on this. Just thought it was interesting, especially with the new little bits like ladders and stuff. Like those ladders, lol.
  8. the work you do is just above and beyond. I have always dreamed of the moment one could "print" anything their hearts desired at home. Now only if someone were to print a large scale minimate body?????????????????? Giant Man anyone?
  9. I am desperate for a Genis-vel mate. Anyone else, is can be th cherry on top. He is awesome, come on, he went punch for punch with the Sentry.
  10. I can only wonder what the exclusives for the Aliens line would be? More than likely all the battle damaged versions.... ala dismembered Bishop.
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