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  1. I’m hoping to find the Walgreens wave any day now. I remember I found the Captain Marvel Mates randomly before they were announced. Fingers crossed I have some luck again and can share the wealth
  2. Just saw the movie tonight and loved it! Any word on a more accurate release date for the 4 pack? I need that Skrull Minimate!
  3. Damn, very bummed out about this. The first thing I said after I watched the trailer was literally “I can’t wait to see the Minimates for this!” Maybe an SDCC exclusive 2 pack of just Mysterio and the new Spidey suit??
  4. Theses are popping up a lot in Central NJ, I’ll try to pick up another set if someone is interested just pm me
  5. Yes, he comes with one that’s similar to Captain Marvel’s
  6. Captain Marvel & Bron Char Star Force Captain Marvel & Korath Nick Fury & Ronan Yon-Rogg (Jude Law) & Coulson ill try to figure out the pics!
  7. Holy Crap I just found the whole Walgreens wave at my local store! Trying to post pictures but it’s saying the pics are too big? Any idea how to fix this so I can show them!
  8. Found 2 full sets in Central Jersey.
  9. Any updates on a release date for this set?
  10. I, too, have been able to find this wave more and more frequently in my area (Central New Jersey)
  11. Whoops sorry forgot to mention, Central New Jersey
  12. I’ve yet to find any wave 9 sets outside of a singular Enchantress set. But I have been successful in finding a good deal of wave 8 and IW wave 2. Perhaps I can help a few people in need
  13. I have hope in finding the newest wave! I finally found one Enchantress/Skurge set. It was literally the only Minimate set on the shelf. So here’s hoping they restock with the newest wave and not older sets
  14. Has anyone had any luck finding the newest wave recently? I’ve searched about a dozen or so Walgreens within 30 miles of my home and haven’t found anything
  15. Menagarie does have some extra Maw sets! Also, I finally found a War Machine/Cull set in central jersey but only one. I’ll keep searching for more!
  16. This set is up for preorder now on Big Bad Toy Store. Estimated arrival is November really hope they come in sooner tho!
  17. Someone posted this on Facebook! Looks like they are hiding the fourth figure for now but holy crap I want this set like tomorrow. I’m loving the Ghost!
  18. No luck yet either. I did order the comic shop set from Luke’s today, should receive by Monday. But I definitely want that new War Machine! Ive searched literally 10 Walgreens in my area (Central Jersey) but no still no sign
  19. Yeah same here. All the Walgreens around me are stuffed to the brim with Ragnarok, Black Panther, and assorted past animated waves. Walgreens isn’t a “toy store” so product just doesn’t fly off the shelves and they aren’t going to rotate product like a toy store would. They will wait till all the other sets are sold before they put out the new ones. It’s a shame because it’s only going to continue getting worse :/
  20. Yeah I have about 10 Walgreens within 25 miles of my home and have not seen any trace of them :( i will say I’ve been seeing the first wave of infinity war popping up more frequently as well as the newest animated wave. Still a ton of Black Panther and Ragnarok sets too
  21. Has anyone had any luck finding the newest wave? I’ve seen just a few reports of them being found but no pics. And there’s none to be found on eBay
  22. mc2109

    TRU 25

    Menagarie on ebay has the whole set for $30 right now in case any one else needs them. But right on Mr. Turtle for helping out!
  23. I found the Wasp/Modok set and the Stealth Spidey/Screwball set today. The other two sets were no where to be found but I wasn’t too interested in them. Wasp is definitely the highlight, can’t wait to get the MCU version now. I found another spidey/screwball set here in Central NJ
  24. Has anyone had any luck finding the newest wave? I’ve tried almost every Walgreens in my area but still no luck. I saw Menagarie had them for like a week but they are pretty much all sold out now.
  25. I’m loving these new mates! Especially the black order. I hope it’s not as hard to get these as the first wave though, fingers crossed! Also, I wish instead of Drax we could have gotten an updated scarlet witch, especially since she was more important to the plot of the movie. But regardless I’m happy with what we got here!
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