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  1. With these I do believe that the only 2 figure lines from my personal childhood toys that DST has yet to put out in minimate form are MOTU & Star Wars. It gives the nostalgia feels oh so warmly. Although I will say; if we can get four baby turtles here; then where is my wolf accessory for my silent ninja in the other line?
  2. This talk of Turtles vs Rangers just makes me want a set based off the crossover comic like Hasbro did for the Lightning Collection. I grew up watching/loving the show & have been accused multiple times of being a superfan; but even I find it hard to sit through the old series without thinking from time to time "wtf was 7yr old me on that I got into this?". Luckily the BOOM! comics universe has given us a more mature (for what it is) take on the Ranger universe for my current tastes.
  3. Until they release some monsters, the Battle Beasts & Godzilla mates work as decent stand ins for villians.
  4. Was able to pick up a set at my local shop but have to order my extras from Luke. They are freaking awesome in hand. The diamond patterns on boots & gloves go all the way around instead of just the front & side like some of the other recent mates & as someone stated becoup on the accessories. Has me even more hyped for the rest of the team & the Zords Vinimates.
  5. Finally. Gonna go reserve a few sets at my LCBS after work. @DSTZachwhat about the Dragonzord/Megazord vinimate sets? Those dropping to or different date?
  6. Generation X needs done. I need more 90's mutes. Jubilee, M, Husk, Skin, Penance, & Chamber (I got Luke's awesome custom but a box set one could have him in his team uniform to match the others from one a the few times he actually sported one). Also would accept any set that gave us another chance to get minimates that have only been released once without paying scalper prices (looking at you trenchcoat Gambit).
  7. How about some Law & Order minimates? That has been going for awhile.
  8. The VHS style packaging makes me think these could be based off the old animated movies. As for the rangers, I'm kinda hoping it is a 4 monster & Bulk & Skull pack.
  9. Give me Sam in his Captain America suit & I don't even care who else is in the pack since I'll still be buying it. It felt very wrong not getting him in that suit in the Walgreens wave.
  10. I would be buying multiples of that set if it is based off The Last Ronin. The story is great. While I dislike detracting from LCBS business; if you really want to read the story but don't like the price point; a quick search online will net you places to read it for free. Personally I'm buying the books since so they can get signed & added to my TMNT collection.
  11. A good year/Year of the Millennial (assuming we actually get them all & none have to be canceled)
  12. I see no "No Usagi Miyatmoto (or since we are talking 87' theme then the misnamed Usagi Yojimbo) planned" so I am gonna hold out hope that we could get one. Plus with the upcoming Samurai Rabbit: The Usagi Chronicles based off Usagi Yojimbo coming out on Netflix April 28th; the character may become more well known.
  13. So I'm gonna thank DST on behalf of my LCBS for the fact that they will be getting quite a bit of my cash now when these drop. I do lament the fact of no Kat head & the fact that it doesn't look like the weapons can combine into the Power Cannon..... but alas that shall not deter the purchase of no less than 3 of each set.
  14. If the line does well enough then you might see purple & orange rangers as those colors were used in later series & also in the comics by BOOM Studios there is a story where Bulk & Skull get Ranger powers & those are their colors. As for being cast in the colors; I'm not getting my hopes too high on that since it seems like most recent mates have been cast in white & then painted.
  15. I had not realized they had made her yet so now I know & that means time to go hunting. Originally wanted to put Franklin Richards on the list since while not an X-man, I thought he used to be classified as a mutant before in past stories & was in a relationship with Rachel Summers in the Days of Future Past timeline.
  16. Mohawk Storm Morph in his costume from the 90's cartoon Kitty in her original outfit with the cowl Wolverine in his Team X outfit Tie between Maverick & Comic Silver Fox
  17. Not sure if someone has mentioned it but by chance has anyone seen/compared the G.I. Joe construction sets made by Forever Clever to the size of minimates? The link says My Little Pony but it is in fact GI Joe. I just found out about them by accident & was think of hunting some down to see if they will work. Hoping they will size like the old C3 stuff or close enough with minor mods.
  18. I'm calling Ninja Force since everyone loves ninjas...... If it is; then it better come with bright neon colored weapons to match the aesthetic of the original toy line.
  19. Thanks for the input. I thought so too but figured I would check incase anyone had both in hand to compare. I was hoping the IW was less opaque for a qc Constantine but wanted to be sure first since he seems to cost more & fewer listings that the other one.
  20. Does anyone have the MCU Doctor Stranges from both the Doctor Strange wave & the Infinity War wave & if so could they tell me if the spell hands are the same opaqueness or if the Infinity War is more translucent than the original? Thanks for any input.
  21. So anyone know what shipping cost would look like to these to the US? Also did the Spider/DocOck & Sup.Spider-Man/Peter Parker sets also go up to the $16 mark like the Logan & DP sets?
  22. Has anyone tried painting the older soft, rubbery plastic of the early mnimates such as what was used on early capes, gloves & head pieces (like the material used on C3 Bat capes & what not)? If so any advice related to paint/sealant brands to use to minimize chipping & not have a sticky finish afterwards? Asking before I attempt a custom I want to make using one of those older parts.
  23. I'm probably gonna need added to a list for these sets as well. Still gonna look around but my hopes are low since unless LCBS in the US are getting these then I likely won't find them near me.
  24. Do TV licenses include stuff that is exlusively on streaming services or just standard television? If it is the later; then my new guess is The Simpsons. Pretty sure that show is gonna still be playing when the sun engulfs the planet as a red dwarf.
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