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  1. My old favorite is Colossus and my new fav is Nova.
  2. I want more villains so I voted Wrecking Crew. I wouldn't mind any of these sets to be honest though!
  3. I don't have any of the wave and I usually go to Luke's, Big Bad, Amazon and sometimes Toywiz. I will def get the set off of Ebay. I just haven't been buying them like I used to and was freaking out why she was too expensive. Thanks dude.
  4. Hey guys I haven't been lurking around as much and kinda have fallen out of the loop with minimates since series 30. Why is series 33 variant Phoenix super expensive?!?! I want to get her but holy smokes. I just busted out my minimates and want to try to catch up on the last year and a half of Marvel stuff but some of this stuff is really expensive now.
  5. I honestly thought I was on the wrong site or you guys got hacked.
  6. Well what you looking to get rid of them for sir? Its also funny that you were the first person I traded with on this forum years ago.
  7. The Green Arrow is the one I'm most interested in. Do you have all of the accessories with him? If you have the collect and connect pieces with the others then I'm very interested.
  8. I just won Blue Beetle Ted Kord and Orion. I was bidding on Deadman and Vigilante but lost them in the closing seconds. I am actually looking for anything in series 8, 9, 10, 11, 13 except Superboy. I would also want Obsidian (Todd Rice), Big Barda, Etrigan, Black Manta, Major Force and the Ultraman/Luthor 2 pack that I missed getting for $15 last week. I'm trying to get most of these with the C&C to build the figure too btw. I just got home and forgot to mention what I just picked up. I got Alan Scott, Hourman, Gold, Kamandi, and Zatanna along with the Green Lantern 5 pack.
  9. So I'm bidding on a few loose ones on Ebay and I found the Gentleman Ghost/Hawkgirl at a Walmart in my area. I'm trying to get some of these things again.
  10. Dear god I want like 30 figures that I've missed. God I hate how my area always has the ones I don't want. I'm trying to do the Justice League but I want the JSA, Metal Men, and Teen Titans. There are just too many!!!
  11. My file folder was taped onto the clear case of Plastic Man once you opened up the box.
  12. Anyone ever get the Batman Beyond classic. Not the variant one. I am trying to find it and its easier to get the variant.
  13. Okey Dokey. I don't have alot and whatever extra I can give to my nieces/nephews.
  14. Karamazov let me know what DCUC you have before you let them go to the great beyond (Ebay). BTW I snagged Orko at Matty and I have no MOTUC figures but I had all of the orignals when I was a kid. I will most likely use Orko for trading in the future.
  15. What was the deciding factor Neo? I flip flop with both systems and I honestly like the PS3 exclusives better. But lately I've been playing Xbox constantly.
  16. I voted for Girder actually. I'm really into the Flash's Rogues.
  17. I have finished up Red Dead Redemption and I'm playing through Alan Wake and Toy Soldiers. Alan Wake is pretty cool but its def a renter for me. I'm pretty pumped for the summer arcade line up on the 360. That game Limbo looks pretty intense.
  18. I don't know if most of you know but I work at a video game store and I've had 3 problems with the new ones already. One of our employees bought it and within 3 days it basically red ringed on him. I know its not the red ring anymore but it was the same problem. Another customer called me within hours of purchasing another and it didn't read any of his games. The third person said theirs would freeze up after half hour and games would stop working. I don't know about you guys but I'd surely wait for them. I want one badly but I don't want one that is shiny...I want one with a matte finish cause I don't like fingerprints on my stuff. I know I'm anal retentive when it comes to this stuff. Just figured I'd share the info with you guys.
  19. You know I really hate the exclusives from SDCC. I want Plastic Man but I don't want to pay an arm and a leg for him! I never got the Wonder Twins for the same reason. So how goes it guys....its been a long time. I haven't been collecting much lately and I just set up my mates in my room again. It got me into the buying mood and I picked up a few DCUC. I got Superboy and Batman at Wizard World Philly this year. I want to get more but I'm trying to keep myself to a budget.
  20. I just love how it had the original theme from Predator. That got me extra into the movie.
  21. I've been currently reading MC2 comics and would like new minimates based of that line of Marvel. We already have Spider-Girl. 1. American Dream 2. Stinger 3. J2 4. Mainframe 5. Wild Thing 6. Saberclaw 7. Blue Streak 8. Thunderstrike That is all I can think of now but I would like to see two 4 packs based on this line.
  22. I've been playing God of War Collection on PS3 and Fat Princess a ton. I lost my data from my first PS3 so I'm playing online alot. The 360 has gotten a bit of love but I haven't played it in a bit.
  23. :rocking back and forth in rocking chair 20 years in the future: "I'm still waiting for I, Robot minimates!" "There goes grandpa on one of his I, Robot toy stories again. Oh grandpa they are never making them." "No, no, no you'll see they'll make them....just like the Kellogs mates. Say kids go get grandpa a bowl of Fruit Loops." " are a fruit loop." Laughter ensues and the old man is left to think of what could have been.
  24. I only want Blue Beetle, Negative Man, and possibly Superboy. BTW I've only seen the wave with Captain Cold and Kid Flash around my area. It sucks because I haven't seen any of the other waves besides these. I want Flash so bad and haven't seen him around. I do want to get a Doom Patrol together but I may never see any more of these figures.
  25. I don't remember seeing Marvel Girl in a yellow costume with a brighter X on it like she does have in the poster though.
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