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  1. Happy Birthday to the guy that gets it!
  2. Dude. Just wow. Mein gott, that's beautiful. Do you take commissions?
  3. Well, I'm a little disappointed with the Ant Man release date, but excited-er about Predator!
  4. I wanted to believe ... and here it is.
  5. I rip open the packaging and just throw them in bins. To be honest, i collected a few boxes near the start but space got tight (I live in a crappy studio) and once you get rid of the boxes, and breathe that first sigh of relief, you're good. I keep the side panels for my favorite mates and store those in a box.
  6. I would have totally gotten that at that price. :O I want to pull the trigger on them but want to lead with the first set. The rest seem cheap enough...
  7. ^ I just looked, must have gotten snagged. Dang it!
  8. I was going to upgrade Abomination with either of the hulks. Didn't fit the color.
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