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  1. Just ordered mine on Amazon for $33.06 shipped, before the price gouging begins. It would look legit for the mates, I think, based on this picture giving us a good scale:
  2. Hmm. I'll have to check out the MacFarlane stuff then.
  3. Has anyone gotten these new macfarlane rick and morty sets? How do they stack up with the 'mates?
  4. Happy Birthday to the guy that gets it!
  5. Dude. Just wow. Mein gott, that's beautiful. Do you take commissions?
  6. Well, I'm a little disappointed with the Ant Man release date, but excited-er about Predator!
  7. I rip open the packaging and just throw them in bins. To be honest, i collected a few boxes near the start but space got tight (I live in a crappy studio) and once you get rid of the boxes, and breathe that first sigh of relief, you're good. I keep the side panels for my favorite mates and store those in a box.
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