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Banner ad problem?

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So I noticed numerous mentions of the banner that says "New Clues Each Day!", but I just wasn't seeign it in Firefox. So I opened up the site in Internet Explorer, and there it was.

To sum up - in Firefox, I can only see the "Q & A" Art Asylum banner ad. But in IE I can see all three banners across the top.

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So, let's suppose I've decided to order from, say Amazon, and being the loyal MMMV member that I am, I want to click through one your banner ads. But I surf and surf around the site and the darn banner never seems to come up in the random rotation when I want it to.

Are there hard links somewhere on the site we can hit for a specific advertiser and achieve the same results as clicking a banner?

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I have a question about the banners. I went to pre-order something from Sideshow's site tonight, that was not "direct linked" via a banner. I remember reading somewhere that as long as we click the banner, even if we browse through their site and order something else, the MMMV will get a commission from our purchase. So, that is what I tried to do. However, I noticed that when you click the link, you get "&affiliate=mmmv" at the end of the link. When you move to another part of the site, this disappears, and the link name becomes the same as if you go there through google or something.

However, you can add the "&affiliate=mmmv" to the end of apparently any page with an item, and it will re-load. I know jack squat about how any of this works, but I'm guessing that this is how Sideshow knows who the site is that is referring the customer. As such, do we need to make sure that the "&affiliate=mmmv" is at the end of any link that we use to order from Sideshow, or do you guys know for sure that will they somehow know where we came from simply via our first using their link?

FYI, if this helps to check, I got my Predator from there via a link here followed by manually browsing, so you guys should have received some commission around the 24th of June (possibly a few days previous) for an item costing around $190. I have placed a few other pre-orders from there following these links, and planned to do the same for the Duke being put up on the 31st. Just wanted to make sure you guys were getting something from it before I did.

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Shane would know more about this than I would, since he manages the ads here.

That said, when I was working for an online retailer, our affiliates had a similar system. They could use banner ads, links, etc and they worked like you state above.

I'm assuming it would work out for MMMV but I don't know that for an absolute fact.

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Sorry for the delay. I was out of town last week.

If you click on a banner we host, this site gets credit for ANYTHING you buy from that site.

The credit is usually just pennies on the dollar, but it has always been enough to pay for this place and thats all that matters. Anything extra buys more prizes...

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