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crazy idea

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okay, being a rookie around here i thought it would be a fun idea for the veterans to do a vote for the best topics in the forum. it would be fun to see what people think the most interesting topic is, which topic do they wish was not in here, the most funny one, etc.

or people could just reply here with the one topic that they will never forget.

anyway, this is my crazy idea, what do you people think?

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Most of the craziest threads for sheer sillyness died with our old home... including the one where we found out how I got the "Timbo the Pimp" name.

However these threads were fun...

I'll give it some thought and drag up some more over the next week or so :)


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I agree some of the sillyness was left behind. Brent Craig...oh how I miss ye... are some of my favs

John Stewart Begging List - simply because it was an early example of the community that resided at this forum.

I like this one because I got to see some of Shane's extensive Hulk collection. (And I'm still totally in awe.)

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