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I need Cyberpunk 2077 minimates

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Seriously. V. Johnny. Panam. Judy. Jackie. Rogue. Smasher. Takemura.


I'd do 4 packs, I think.


V (with parts to make either male or female)







Johnny (with some 'Relic' translucent limbs)

Alt (translucent net red version)

Rogue (with parts to make 2020 version)

Adam Smasher


Set 3?


Placide (need someone to facestomp)




Or could do a pack of the gangs. Maelstrom, Mox, 6th St, all would be cool!

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Now that the game is 'dusted,' I wanted to re-recommend this. The game does not have a lot of merch, and yet, it is still very popular in sales. Too much longer, and I think the 'window' closes, but wanted to re-beg for this!

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Victor Vector though 😛 i'm not much of a gamer myself but i picture your pitches with a similar vibe to the mass effect minimate box

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