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  1. New X-Men coming in 2025.... probably. Even if it's not locked in, it's good enough for to get excited and to start wishlisting. The 'obscure X-Villain' clue has me hoping we might see a member the Marauders from Mutant Massacre or perhaps S'ym/N'astirh from Inferno. What obscure 80s villain are y'all hoping to see?
  2. They're back, back, back, back, back again! Just watched the first two episode of X-Men '97n on D+ last night. I gotta say - the creators of the show KNOW who they're making this for: If you were a kid who liked this in the 90s, you are going to be well fed. My spoiler free review: There are certainly a few things here and there to adjust to (the animation style is a little less lush/more streamlined & some voices have obviously changed), but the feel of the series... the heart of it feels firmly in tact. There's a LOT that could have gone wrong in trying to cash in on a classic, but the creators seem like they have really tried to stay true to the OG while giving a few modern flourishes. There are some fun cameos and a LOT of easter eggs for anyone who knows the original series by heart. What did y'all think of it?
  3. So, the new Marvel packaging format includes 6 figures per wave, but we've lucked out in the first two waves with the inclusion of a bonus 7th character in the form of an unarticulated accessory (H.E.R.B.I.E. & Lucky the Pizza Dog)! While we've seen these before in the old two-packs as well (Redwing, Rocket, Grott, etc....), and Zach has clarified that not every wave will have the opportunity to include an appropriately themed mini-character, I thought it would be fun to brainstorm some ideas. What accessory-sized bonus characters would you like most to see get included in the new wave format? I'm hankering for a Widget accessory to go with my Excalibur minis. And I know it would be something of a design miracle from DST, but I would LOVE to get a Martha/No Girl. I think she'd make such a damn cool looking toy!
  4. So as i was coming back home from Chicago and i started doodling and i thought. "We have minimates based on MvC and Sony exclusives... can we get a minimate based on the new Spidey game? It would be lit.. just to give an idea i did make a low quality draft
  5. Dave

    wave 79

    Now that Wave 78 has been shown, when might we get hints for wave 79?
  6. With the reveal of wave 77 last week, it seems an appropriate time to begin speculating about the next comic book specialty wave to be released; Wave 78! What theme and characters do you think it will be? Or which theme or characters are you wishing for?
  7. After that new trailer released today i'm too interested in some TV mates.
  8. I know we haven't seen a Marvel Zombie Villains set for a while now, but it looks like Funko have announced a zombie wave that includes heroes (Wolverine, Gambit, Hulk, & Black Panther). Minimates were given a bit of a directive a while ago that Zombie sets could *only* include villains. With Funko releasing heroes in undead format, could this open up things for DST to do the same? @DSTZach any insight?
  9. So I saw that disney announced that they're taking off all their movies from Netflix to try an make their own streamin service. Anyone else hear about this? Wasn't there supposed to be a deal with Netflix about the Disney movies? What does this mean for marvel Netflix I wonder... I might have to find other ways to watch them if this happens. The only reason I pay for Netflix is the convenience factor as most entertainment can be "acquired" elsewhere for free. I don't see this doing well for either company. If every company tries to make a streaming service it seems like it'd be even worse than paying for cable/satellite.
  10. So are we never going to see even unarticulated vinimates of huge marvel characters we've been asking DST for since... forever? No (Gi)Ant Man or Fin Fang Foom? Or Sentinels? Just nothing?
  11. So - New Warriors, eh? I know this doesn't guarantee minimates - but surely it makes it more likely?
  12. So what do you guys think of the teaser for the new Marvel Avengers game?
  13. So I'm not a huge fan of the original Old Man Logan story with Dino-Venom, Old Hawkeye, and such, however after they brought him into the 616 boy howdy is that writing fantastic! That being said much like that scenario I don't usually like the FoX-Men movies but this movie looks GREAT! I'm excited to see the Reavers and am I mistaken for thinking that one shot was of Lady DeathStrike trying to stab him? What do you guys think is the future of the Property owned by Fox? I think I remember Kevin Feige almost explicitly denying any kind of merger possibility :/ it's what I'd like to see, but this movie seems like it'll probably rake in enough cash for Fox to warrant rebooting their franchise.
  14. So I know this was kind of mentioned in the Monsters thread but how many other people would like for a deluxe or all-in-one kind of treatment for certain characters? I know this would probably never be done because of the need for re-dos when it comes to A-Listers but it would still be nice right? Something like a Deluxe Comic Spider-Man set where it would have - Parts for a Peter with normal clothes (or possibly nerdy early Pete) or just Pete with different expressions -Maybe a McFarlane spidey with an alternate head with the mask half up like the animated Spidey -Different types of webs!!! An extra long web line with a web blanket of sorts in the middle that could double as a web parachute or net and a regular web line? Or maybe even a Flash Thompson mate -Purple letterman jacket Flash -Agent Venom parts and maybe a wheelchair? -Space Knight venom parts and mechanical legs even if they retailed at twenty dollars I'd still see it as a win for not having to track down Venom TTA Agent Venom...
  15. Yeah, yeah, I know, "yet another wishlist thread" but come on, the forum's been kinda dead after the update (lack of news and all, so I figured, what better way to pass the time than take a look at Marvel's even newer costumes! I mean, those old tights that debuted like, a year ago, are like, super-old now. Time for a change! Kidding aside, I spotted some designs that'd make for some fairly interesting mates, so yeah, here you go. Or, you can just bypass all that and just curse Marvel for having another relaunch so soon, I won't judge you (truth be told I'll join you)... For the complete look at the new titles, here's a link: Marvel NOW! 2.0 Titles | As a sidenote, it's been confirmed that certain series have just been ommited from this catalogue, and will show up in the October solicits as regularly. So, no X-Men cancellations. Anyway, I won't bomb this thread with pics, rather, I'll post just one. Mainly because it's one of the two or three titles I'm anticipating 9it's still Bendis writting, but eh, I'm either too optimistic, or too starved for a Doom solo that I'll take anything I can), and because I think it'd make for a good mate. As you can see, these are Maleev's sketches for Doom's armour. Not terribly excitting, as it's mainly the ANAD Armour with a hood & cape combo, a different paint-job, and a few minor touches. Just for the novelt of it though, I'd love a mate, because, even though it's a boring Iron Doom design, it's a darn good Modern Doctor Doom Redesign. And good as it may be, the MvC3 Doom has some serious issues. It's basically a small statue at this point. So, yeah,if I had to choose one fig from this new batch, I'd choose Vic. Maybe he can be packed with his ANAD look, the suit & tie one. Now, you might be thinking "what about the F4 ban", but dunno, I don't think Marvel would publish a Doom solo titled "Infamous Iron Man", while also putting Ben on the GotG, and Johnny in the Inhumans. Something tells me that come this year's SDCC, we're in for a surprise, considering the recent Fox & Marvel X-Men TV Show deal. Or I'm just day dreaming, who knows? But I'd surely take an Iron Doom mate... Apart from this one, there aren't many terribly new looks. There's Thor Odinson, the USAvengers, the Classic Thunderbolts with slight costume tweaks, Prowler, Mosaic, plus all the ANAD looks that haven't been made already. You could come up with a great ANAD/NOW! 2.0 Wave, truth be told. So, in the spirit of wishlisting, here's my dream wave: Iron Doom/Victor Von Doom (Or more like Vincent Cassel) Captain America (Steve Rogers)/ Black Widow Moon Knight (Mr. Knight or Super-Hero look)/ Black Panther Unworthy Thor/ Spider-Man 2099 So, yeah, there you have it' I'd also like Chulk and others, but these would be main wants. Yeah, it's A-List heavy, but I've got my reasons. ANAD Black Panther has a really cool Mass-Effect like Mask (it's from Hickman's run, but here it's used more often) and I think this plus his "weapons" would make for some great extras. ANAD Black Widow has a new look, with short hair, which I love, plus, the TRU 17 one was kinda wonky. Unworthy Thor actually looks cool, and Spider-Man 2099 could be a very fun mate. Iron Doom/Vic I already gave my thoughts on, MK doesn't need any more info, and HYDRA Cap, well, I like him, weirdly enough... Oh, and one more thing... Here's your reference DST, now get on that Moon Knight Wave! And yeah, that's Astronaught Marc Spector. It'll be debuting in MK #5, which is a collection of various "trippy" sequences from various artists.
  16. Hi guys, so I've recently been drawing some fan art. mainly minimates that haven't been done yet. so I hope you guys like it and you guys are very welcome to give me ideas as well. the very first one that I've done is Netflix's Daredevil black suit, it's not perfect, but it was very fun to do
  17. i try and keep my customs NO PAINT when possible. here are some random customs from me. Elizabeth Shaw & David's head (Prometheus) Scarecrow ( DC movie ) (johnathan crane unmasked & goon ) Maranda tate & bane (Dc movie ) BANE & shirtless bruce wayne & goons ( dc movie ) Solid Snake (MGS ) Batman Cloth cape ( john mcclane ( die hard )
  18. Marvel announced these 3 last night. A new Darth Vader series, a Leia series and a general Star Wars one. All these are ongoing and I'll be surely picking them up, since these are the new canon (everything else besides I-VI, Clone Wars and Rebels, is fan-fiction). I just hope that down the line they either re-introduce the EU or make up their own. The O3 are good, but we need some fresh stories. I have to say though, I'm quite excited. Disney is getting on the Star Wars track and who knows? If TNBC does well, Star Wars mates may not be such a far fetched dream after all... So, will you picking these up? Are you frustrated that everything SW related of the past few years is not canon?
  19. No info has been released yet regarding the scale but we'll know when comic con rolls. So, anyone planning on buying this to use as a background for the Avengers minimates? PS: I would post it in the 1/6 fig thread but seeing as this is more of a set than a fig I decided to create a new one.
  20. hey guys, i've been part of this forum for a bit & thought id share some of my art with you guys. i'll share some on here but if you like it you can see the most updates on or my tumblr/site ( the images might be lower quality on this page due to the image hosting site i use is tiny pic. ) my most recent art of TMNT. you can buy this as a signed art print for only $5 here! ADDED
  21. Hello everyone. How are you doing? I hope you are doing fine!! : )So this topic is about my customs minimates.I have only a few BUT many more will come. So let's get down to it. First we have scorpion from mortal kombat: His appereance is not based on a certain game, it's a blend of the old and the modern scorpion. Here we have a zombie,nothing special: And last but not least SPAWN, he is a repainted mate with a mephisto cape with warhammer skulls and shields,gun holsters and chains glued to him: Bye for now but i will come back!!!
  22. I have almost every minimates, and the best way to display them specially the marvel is by team and storyline. My question is where to put the Gamma Hulk, the translucent one?
  23. One of my favorite Minimates waves is the Jean DeWolf Saga. It's one of the most, if not THE most "themed" wave yet to be released in the Minimates Universe. That being said, what other story lines would you most look forward to seeing as a themed Minimates wave? To start, I'd love to see a Second Coming story line. The costumes are still modern and blend well with other recent sets such as AvX. It features many major characters and gives an excuse to release some fun and unique figures as well. 2-packs could feature : Cable w/ baby Hope Hope (w/ phoenix flame) Rogue Nightcrawler (w/ phasing legs) Cameran Hodge Purifiers (army builder) Bastion w/ Nimrod armor Wolverine (berserker rage) PS this is my very first post.
  24. Just looking at my collection as I'm want to do and noticed we are building up a nice little selection of civilian characters so I was just wondering who are the everyday men and women we would most like? My top picks. Foggy Nelson Karen Page Moria MacTaggert Outback jumpsuit Madelyne Pryor (ok it turned out she wasn't quite as unpowered as we thought but for most of her run she was just Cyclops shat upon ex-wife)
  25. Here you go with my very first set of reviews! I usually review Marvel Legends, Selects and random lines. Now, Minimates! Enjoy!
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