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  1. That reminds me, I found these photos of my completed Richards kids so thought I'd post here for a size comparison. Using slipper feet gives Franklin a slight edge over Val who has a kid body.
  2. THere is something about the Black WIdow and Invsible Woman minimates that make me constantly change them. This version is based on Black Widow with a X-Force Psylocke Chest the original BW belt and then Hope's hair. She is duking it out with Black Canary made from a Stargirl's hair, Question jacket (sawed off on both collar and tails, Captive Six bust and face, Captain Jack Boots and Gloves, and Jean DeWolfe's legs. Obviously Hail Ivan and damn do I miss Pre 52 DCU and their minimates.
  3. I wish DC Minimates were still around so we could have a thread like this for them, but the brilliant minds over at DC Direct made sure that didn't happen. This makes my soul weep.
  4. Thanks MM. Not having new warriors and only having limited customizing skills has been a challenge.
  5. Val was also controlled by the Acolytes for a time, so that counts, too. Though if we get Ruckus, I'd want his variant to be one of the other Nasty Boys. Ramrod would be easy enough. And speaking of Acolytes, why not a Fatal Attractions wave? Adamantium being torn out Wolverine/Magneto Space Suit Xavier/Space Suit Jean Cortez/Kleinstock Exodus/Kleinstock Then how about we finish em off with some sort of online exclusive 10 pack? Voght, Delgado, Scanner, Neophyte, Mellencamp, Senyaka, Unuscione, Chrome, Colossus, and Frenzy. I love this idea but sadly online clubs are a sore subject around here
  6. For Nita? Gwen Stacy hair (pony tail) Batgirl face thanks to the weird green colored eyes. Madame Hydra/Viper Chest and crotch Namor arms, legs, and wings. For a while I was using the Tinkerbell chest and torso but the green threw me off and was annoying me. Ideally the Marrina swimsuit works perfectly but I am too untalented to paint over the green. Forgot to say Hail Ivan.
  7. Imma going with X-Men 275 as inspiration. Main Hero / Main Villain - Jim Lee Wolverine (parts for Forge) / Gladiator Ally & Enemy/ Closest Ally - Jim Lee Storm (Psylocke & Jubliee Heads) / Jim Lee Banshee Villain / Army Builder - Gladiator / Shiar Imperial Guard Solider Variant Villain / Army Builder - Deathbird / Imperial Guard Solider Just for fun: 90's X-Factor Main Hero / Main Villain - X-Factor Havok / Mr. Sinister Ally & Enemy/ Closest Ally - X-Factor Polaris (parts for alt costume X-Factor #93) / X-Factor Strong Guy Villain / Army Builder - Ruckus/ Multiple Man Variant Villain / Army Builder Val Cooper (she represented the MAN) / Multiple Man
  8. My quest for an acceptable Nita continues..
  9. OH MY GOD! WE ARE FINALLY GETTING A CRYSTAL/Ronan, Ironman/KAZAR, VANCE ASTRO/CHARLIE 27... oh we aren't? Meh. I'm not happy.
  10. Great idea, but I like to keep my zombis away from the other mates. I don't want a Zombie outbreak.
  11. Man did I love those exclusives!
  12. Same here. Third. What's with all the hate for Matty Toy Collector? I haven't used it but to me the fact it exists and is pumping out figures of characters that fans actually want is increduble. What's the beef?
  13. I have been thinking about this for a while but, if Diamond created a line like Matty Toy Collector where they put out an exclusive two pack once a month (available online only) of figures that had a lot of fan love but may not have enough support for a wide release, who would you pick for the first year of releases? My choices: Jan- Vance Astro & Starhawk Feb- 60's Marvel Girl & Bryne Cyclops Mar - Bagman FF Spidey & Crystal Apr - Black Knight & Mockingbird May - Destiny & Blob Jun - Speedball & Aracne Jul - FF SheHulk & Wyatt Wingfoot Aug - Strike Force Banshee & Storm (with parts to turn into Forge) Sep - Tigra & Swordsman Oct - She-Thing & Karnak Nov - Toad & Avalanche Dec - Medusa & Gorgon
  14. I'm looking for the actual stickers to print on.
  15. Exactly. I'm quite shocked this hasn't happened yet. But with that logic, the FF Kids, Artie, Leech, etc are also big enough thata they could have mates.
  16. Hey guys - anyone know of a place to get decals for minimates? I"m finally joining the 21st century and going in that direction but Luke's doesn't have any.
  17. See a DR. Reyes and Forge two-pack works and gives us both genders in uniform.
  18. This! And all of this. I would loose my sh!t over the Phoenix Saga box set you've just described. Follow it up with a Dark Phoenix Saga full of villains (FA White Queen, Sebastian Shaw, Hellfire Mastermind & Dark Phoenix) and we've got ourselves a damn fine pair of sets. I'm thinking about buying multiples of the DoFP Box set as well to make up extra M-camp mutants. I even went so far as to buy an extra Rachel Summer hairpiece to do a QC with... If only there was a guy uniform as well... then we could have Franklin, Mags, and Piotr.
  19. Sorry but to me the biggest wants are Crystal, Vance Astrovik (Marvel Boy era), Night Thrasher, Speedball, and a freaking set of a male and female Jim Lee X-Men uniforms.
  20. I just want a Vance Astor so I can make a Marvel Boy #newwarriorsforever.
  21. Wish we could get an X-Men Forever themed line that jumped around time. I'd do Mimic with Marvel Girl Forge (Banshee parts) and Strike Force Storm (I'd buy boat loads of these) Toad and Blob. with Forge (Banshee)/Storm
  22. You have another vote for this two pack! I'll vote for whatever I have to to get a 60's Jean Grey. I mean come ON. THis is her best look ever.
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