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  1. Hi @Shanester :-) Yeah not sure I need to waste their time. I fixed Bucky and probably can find a gun for Black Widow.
  2. Maybe I'm dumb and the holsters are indeed for the shock batons. This could very well be the case.
  3. I received my Avengers: Infinity War Box Set today and noticed some quality issues I don't normally see with Box Sets. First off - Bucky's open-fingered glove is on the wrong hand. It shouldn't be on his metal arm. Easily correctable but a bit sloppy. And then there is a missing handgun for Black Widow. She comes with two holders but one handgun. Anyone else notice this?
  4. Hi everyone, some of you may remember me from WAY back in the day on the Art Asylum forums. I used to be AATrekCollector83. I disappeared but I didn't stop collecting! Minimates are in my heart forever and I will collect them for as long as DST keeps pushing them out! I started collecting Vinimates too but I came to the decision to keep my collecting under control and focus on Minimates which means I'm looking for a good home to sell my Vinimate collection. You can view my collection here:!AnAKH2iU77G7gYCBVQIorIOeWi2aTSM I am working on creating a text list of everything I have but I wanted to put feelers out here. Thanks, Brandon
  5. Detailed photos of Rocky characters in Rocky Wave 1. Adrian: Mickey: "Workout" Rocky: Note: "Itallian Stallion" on backside of "Workout" Rocky... "Boxing Gear" Rocky:
  6. Sure! Let me run some errands real quick and when I get back I will post several individual character shots and close-ups for you guys. I'll post a few hi-res images too. Maybe you'll want to use it as your desktop wallpaper I dunno. - Brandon
  7. I added more to my original post - I think there's more to the Rocky line than just an missing hairpiece. Please read. Thanks! Nice to be around Timbo! - Brandon
  8. They do have flesh colored painted necks. I'm pretty sure Brandon is saying that an additional hairpiece for Rocky wasn't part of the set not that it's missing from his. Fujis is correct. I am saying the separate hairpiece isn't part of the set. There was no empty spot in the plastic for where the hairpiece might have been. It looks as though it simply was not included which is both odd and disappointing. - Brandon
  9. Today I picked up the first waves of Star Trek and Rocky. I'll start with Rocky. Rocky is a "ok" line for me. There isn't much with this line that impresses me. Matter a fact I'm a little peeved by the line personally. The "Boxing Gear" Rocky does not come with a separate hair piece. I'm stuck having to use the hairpiece that has the hood from his robe. I cannot believe DST would make a slip up like this especially advertising the removal of the robe on the actual product's box. Also: apparently "Boxing Gear" Rocky is missing a piece making it so his torso falls off. Oh well... Rocky is an "ok" wave of minimates overall. EDIT: Please read more below on more on the Rocky minimates. Now Star Trek... the Star Trek wave is a wave I've been waiting for quite a while now. DST has done a fantastic job with these mates and bringing them down to the 2-inch scale. Their faces reflect each character very well and so do their uniforms. Spock's Vulcan hand is a pretty slick accessory. Captain Pike is cool. And the accessories that come with our mini-Starfleet friends: I really like the Star Tek wave and hope it ends up becoming as big as our mini-Marvel universe - with characters not just from the Original Series but The Next Generation and beyond. Trek in minimate form is awesome. Just wanted to share these with you guys. I have super hi-res images of all these but resized them so it doesn't take 2 hours to view this post (seriously, that's how big the pics were originally). If hi-res is wanted, let me know and I'll put some up. In regards to my Rocky wave - I may take them back and exchange them for another set but that will fix "Boxing Gear" Rocky's missing piece but won't fix the fact he doesn't come with a standard hairpiece without the hood. Ugh. Not sure what I'm going to do or if its even worth the hassle of having to drive quite a ways back to my comic book shop. EDIT 8/18: I wanted to add a few more things to this tiny review. I centered most of the review of the Rocky Minimates off the missing hairpiece and to be honest after spending more time with the Rocky Minimates - just because its missing it doesn't mean the minimates aren't good. Matter a fact, I'm beginning to like this line more and more and I don't know why. I am impressed by facial art of Rocky - it really does capture Stallone's face which is awesome. Rocky got me thinking about my own transition away from action-figures (except Trek of course, love their action figures). I am finding myself wanting things in minimate form and less in action figure form. I might have bought Rocky figures a few months ago. Today I say forget the action figures, minimate form rocks. Rocky demonstrates DST/AA's ability to transform other licenses into minimate form and really really well. Trek does the same thing. Kudos to DST on this line and I can't wait for Back to the Future - one of my most favorite series of movies of all time. ADDED MORE PICTURES ON PAGE 2! - Brandon
  10. Ady, you've done a fantastic job jump starting this fantastic community. I am sad to see you pass the torch but at the same time your sanity is also important too ;-) Hopefully in the coming weeks, things will die down enough so you can get some rest, having some breathing room, and relax. We still need to play a game or two on Xbox Live! Shanester is perfect for taking over and I have no doubt that MMMV will continue to be a absolutely wonderful place to hang out and discuss Minimates. - Brandon
  11. Just go to this address guys: I dug the link out of ther HTML code. Nice new blog/site Wadalf!
  12. Uh I must be missing something. I don't see any box pics. I see pics of the actual sets but no box.
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