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  1. Kitty litter works to get the smell out too. Don't put the mates directly in the litter but put them both in a sealed container and have the litter separated in a dish or something. I've even heard of people putting the litter in a few socks and tying up the ends of the socks, then sealing the figures and litter socks in a container. You may have to change the litter a time or two but it works.
  2. The line for the SW Lego exclusive tin wasn't that bad and it moved quickly because they just handed out tickets so you could go buy one anytime during the day. You can buy as many as you want, as long as you go back and get another ticket. The raffle tickets you can get anytime from 10:00 to 3:00 (that was on Friday, anyway). You just walk up and they give you them. Between myself and a friend, we had 6 tickets yesterday, but neither of us got one. Another guy I know had 8 tickets and won 2 of them. The display downstairs is worth checking out. Talked to Zach and enjoyed seeing the history of the line displayed like that. Thanks to Zach and Chuck for the invite to the party as well. Couldn't go because we had to leave.
  3. Still jealous of the KISS protos, Rob!! I love the instruments and never understood why they didn't just include them as well. I'm sure it was cost related. I got the Tony Hawk stuff too. Big love to Donna for listing those! Crouching Tiger protos are amazing too. I love seeing multiple packs of mates, keep going. I remember buying the Scarlet Spider packs for a buck or two at FYE. I also remember selling some for very cheap prices before they became hot. Great to see everyone's pictures of rare stuff. I've got some things...
  4. Yep, me too. This font / color combination hurts and is 'distracting to the eye' for lack of a better description.
  5. The Lego stores in malls had some nice Star Wars sets discounted. Some Wal Marts also had various SW sets for great prices. I even found some of the big Endor set for $40. At one store, there was a set that was opened and someone had taken out the parts bag with all the mini figs. Lame! Target had the small bagged Toy Story army guy with jeep clearance priced for as low as $1.00, but only the ones that were actually in the x-mas aisle. If you looked closely, there were two different sized bags for those with totally different sku numbers / bar codes. The smaller ones that are in the checkout lanes were still full price, about $4, but if you could find the larger and wider bagged version, they were the cheap ones. I was able to find a cheap one and took a few of the regularly priced ones to the cashier and when some rang up $1 and some rang up $4, they gave them all to me for the $1 clearance price. Five below has some boxed and bagged sets which are cheap, but the few SW mini ships they have left are still $4.00.
  6. Stick the head in the freezer for a while and then smash it with a hammer a few times. I can't help you with the minimate.
  7. Awesome! You are a good dad! I love the chain wallet and "straight edge" belt buckle.
  8. Those are the best kind I like what JP said about "maintaining the integrity of the blank." I like the basic hands, but with the little changes now and then to stay true to the character. It's a fine line, but I'm pretty much a purist. The sculpted hands of the Hulkbuster armor work for that figure, but I hate, hate, HATE those stupid play-doh looking hands they have been doing to bulk up some figures.
  9. I had to open one of the packages, these are too nice. I like the plain black against the white arms. Looks like a regular Gandalf head, torso and legs, but with a white crotch piece.
  10. I agree, the Orcs and Uruk Hai are great figures. The goblin orc is one of my favorites as well. I would love to have had more random elf and orc troop builder two packs.
  11. I agree, she does look better with the helmet. Here is another update with Lurtz and the Twilight Witch King. Some notes: I absolutely love the Witch King! It's a very great representation of the character, the face tampo is amazing. The crown is molded to the hair piece. The hair for both of the figures are very loose on their respective heads. Lurtz appears to have two right hands. Usually they can just be turned, but his left hand is either molded with the forearm, or it's stuck with the paint and I dare not force it. Because of this, I can't put his shield on his arm. The same is true of the Witch King's draping cloak on his arms, they don't move. No big deal, as these will be put on display only. The Witch King's cloak is the repainted Gandalf bottom. They got lots of mileage out of that piece!! One of my favorite things about Lurtz is the White Hand on his face. I love that scene in the movie. Another brilliant set that makes me wish these came to retail! Enjoy the pics...
  12. Some pics of Eowyn and Morgul Lord and a few notes. The Eowyn on the left is the one from China. I added Saruman's hair, minus the beard, just to give her a look. Her helmet does not fit very well on her face, shocking... I know!! The only real difference between the packaged sample and the loose one I already had was the quality of the paint. The Witch King's helmet is attached to the hood of the cloak as you can see. I wish they were separate pieces. The skirt of the cloak is the same as Gandalf's piece and the other Ringwraiths.
  13. I would have bought multiples of the Ringwraiths for sure! They really are nice. Airbrushed mud splatter details on the bottom of his cloak, arms and boots. The Morgul Lord does not come with his mace. Not sure why, but there isn't a space in the pack for it and the package was stapled shut so I don't think it was in there, at least this one. I'm sure there are at least a couple others out there seeing how there was another Lurtz / Witch King pack listed after the ones I won. The mace is also pictured on the back of the card. I'll ask the seller and see if it may be lying around. They are wonderful in person. Any time any of you are in the south eastern PA area, give me a shout and you can come check them out!!
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