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  1. Generation X ! That would rock!!! Chamber (wow!) Mondo (maybe in mid - transition form to another material) Penance Skin Now thats a cool set, although mass market appeal at this stage of the game, probably not!
  2. In case anyone is still collecting these, I have news that there is a few rereleased individually and these all contain a part which build a 'MASTER' figure. So cool!
  3. I have just seen a picture of a delorean witha marty in the yellow jump suit as part of the new minimate veichle line! are these really coming out cause the delorean looks wicked!
  4. Lilo and stitch wave VARIANT - 4 arm alien stitch Stitch & Lilo Cobra Bubbles & Captain Gantu Jumba & pleakley Then if you wanted to do more waves, follow the TV series and do some of the 'cousins' after all there is technically 626 more including Leroy! Man I need to get out more!!!
  5. It could just be an alien reference using the x-files as a link? Such as ALIENS which would encorporate a different design if they were to do actual chestbursters and xenomorphs (is that right?) However, I would love X-files mm, after all we got desperatley seeking susan, platoon and good the bad and the ugly, why is everyone shocked at the prospect of x-files? Surely Madonna wins the random stakes in all this?!?!?!
  6. Such a shame, my missus has been really looking forward to them! Come on guys, get these made!!! The missus and myself have now signed the petition!
  7. What about Bill and Ted mates w/ Rufus, Grim reaper and a phone booth!!!! That was an orion flick so they may own it?!
  8. Does anyone know anywhere who ships to the UK for a fair price but that still has these in stock? Would love to get some but at the mo I only have 1!
  9. I picked up a Captain Kirk in tube packaging and a trouble with tribbles kirk on a backing card packaging. Just wondered if these were pretty common now or if they were in demand? Cheers guys
  10. Damn, just won one from ebay for £10 from the states (incl postage). Oh well, at least he is in my collection! Now my hunt continues for that elusive black elektra.....
  11. Can anyone help me out as a sad lonely uk'er? ould love a set if anyone can pick one up? Cheers
  12. Picked up the new previews last weekend and there with the pics of the bttf 3 - 4pk was a new exclusive 2 pack featuring future Biff and a new Marty. Havent got the ability to post pics but I am sure some nice person can help out if people want to see?
  13. I know it is done as a favour to us all, but if i could be cheeky enough to ask, could all the definitive lists please be updated. I am finding it so hard to keep track of all the different releases, variants and odd 2 packs that are creeping out and I am quite a completest! I honestly think i am losing my mind with the amount of mates hitting the streets now! If not, no worries but I am sure it is not just me that really relied on those lists to make sure we could keep up (even if everything comes out 6 months later here in the good ol' UK!!) Thanks again Will (s.p.d.)
  14. Need a set for a uk'er please as I dont think they are out here are they? Please PM me with costs. Thanks Will (s.p.d.)
  15. It is a bit rubbish. I do undertsand land shipping is cheaper and that it takes a month but it still is not great sevice as comics are clearly shipped by air to ensure same release days. However, on a lighter note, got wave 16 incl varuiant and dc wave 5 now so I am happy. Just won a rocky set off ebay for a good price so i am back in the game! Just waiting for my zombie box set to come out now!!!!!!! Could the definitive list be updated for marvel please, just so i can try and keep up with whats coming out and what isnt anymore (e.g the cancelled target and ghost rider waves.) Thanks
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