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REVIEW: Disney Store Classic Marvel Heroes 4-Pack

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Well here it is, the beginning of what could be an amazing partnership for DST, the Classic Heroic Age 4-Pack, exclusive to The Disney Store.

The 4 pack features Spiderman, Ironman, Captain America, and Thor. At first glance, this seems like passing on this set would be a no brainer, but DST did a wonderful job making practically perfect versions of the classic flagship Marvel characters.


Nothing new here, same rectangular window box we've been getting for a few years. There's a Disney Store sticker right on Spiderman's hand. The back of the box shows the figure prototypes and like always features a quick bio on each character in the set.



There are two trays in the box; one for the figures and small accessories, and the other for the larger accessories.


The first figure in the set, is SPIDERMAN:


Clearly the weakest out of the four, we have Spiderman in a classic style. While the detailing looks great, there's not much to say about this one. He has a few flaws, both are due to paint work. First, the eyes look to be painted on over the webbing, this leaves the black webbing to be seen through the eyes. Second, DST still has not fixed the problem of two different shades of red on the chest tampo. Aside from those, the paint is crisp and clean. Accessory-wise, he comes with the webline we've seen since the original Spiderman minimate.



Next up is IRONMAN:

This is practically the same figure we got back in Wave 25, the only difference, is that metallic paint was used on the gold and red.


While this may be a minor change, it is a great improvement. The added on arm and leg bands work great, and the detail is all there too.


For accessories, he comes with an alt. hair piece and a clear yellow flight stand.



Next in the set, we have CAPTAIN AMERICA:

With the Captain America movie coming out next summer, we will definitely be seeing many more cap related mates. We've already gotten a whole box set devoted to him that just released. However, I think DST created the perfect Cap right here.


The paint and coloring is vibrant and crisp. The bright blue really pops, and the painted on chainmail is perfectly executed. Featuring a new sculpt mask, and the new sheild holder glove, this minimate is perfect down to the last detail.


He also comes with an alternate hair piece.


The final minimate in the set is THOR:

Like Captain America, Thor will be getting the spotlight with his movie coming out next summer. I expect at least a wave's worth of thor related characters to release along with the film. However, like Captain America again, this minimate is damn perfect.


Using the helmet and hammer from the more recent Thor works great on the classic version. The hammer is brilliantly painted with the inscription like the hammer is supposed to have. The bulky chest/cape and boots are traded in for a removable cape, painted on chest armor, and two part boots. All look MUCH better. Accessory-wise, he comes with a flight stand and a lightning effect.




This boxed set is an unexpected surprise. Putting perfect classic versions of the most popular marvel characters in the same boxed set is a recipe for success. I expect the set to do great with new coming collectors, parents and kids in the Disney store, and long time collectors like us here at MMV.

This set deserves a 10/10 for being one of the best sets DST has ever put out.




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Great pics Punisher. They're all very nice looking.

I WAS gonna skip this, but if i see it online at a good price - i may just have to get one now.

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Great review. I wasn't expecting to be blown away by this box set, but I really enjoyed it. I even liked the bright blue on the spider-man to make him stand out a little more. But the Thor and Cap were perfection.

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Best figure for me on that review is Thor it a much better classic version then the one previously released.

I to also like this set not because its full of great figures but its a fantastic starting point for new collectors.

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