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Marvel United: X-Men


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I know people might be a little wary of Kickstarter campaigns after the 88 fiasco, but is anyone looking into the Marvel United X-Men campaign?

It looks like a fun tabletop game with a bunch of cute minifigures/game pieces. There are also HEAPS of add-ons; Blue team, Gold team, First Class as well as a bunch of already existing Marvel Universe versions (Asgard, Black Panther, GotG, etc...) 
I'm very tempted to back this one. CMON seem to have had pretty good success with their campaigns. 



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I picked up the base game on a whim a couple months ago, thinking this would be a fun game to play with certain friends. I forgot all about it until I saw this post.

Knowing that the latest Kickstarter was ending soon, it finally motivated me to give the game a go.

This is a legitimately fun experience with a unique game mechanic (well, it’s new to me at least), and it totally sold me on backing the latest Kickstarter expansion.

If you’re into co-op tabletop games, I recommend this one

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So - the 'all in' package was $290... which comes to like 380 in Oz dollars before shipping, so I couldn't justify that on a game I had never played before.
I just got the base set, even though I'd love all those other add ons. 
I did get the game mat though... thought it would make it a bit more speccy when having mates over to play.

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the mechanic is essentially an extended superhero team up battle. The gameplay is more or less determined by the villain’s movements and master plan (each villain has a different objective). The heroes act in response to the villain’s objective and try to strategize a preemptive effort to prevent the villain from monopolizing the board and achieving their master plan. It involves defeating thugs and mini bosses, as well as rescuing civilians and utilizing special abilities. It’s built around a co-op dynamic that allows each player to mirror the move/action of the player who went previously, and motivates all the players to talk through how they want to conceive each move as a group, since each action directly affects not only the overall objective but also the next player’s turn. It’s really fun *with the right people*

and yeah, I wouldn’t recommend pledging for the biggest expansion unless you were REALLY into it. The base game (which I picked up at Walmart for $28) is enough for the average player.

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CMON are back with another version/expansion of their Marvel United series. 
This time, it's The Multiverse!

The base set and stretch goals have some fun additional characters, but I'm particularly interested in seeing how the Team Decks and Campaign Decks add into the original game. 
The campaign is well and truly into the stretch goals part of the run, so it looks like they're all getting made.


(Sorry for the thread necro, but I figured it was better than starting a new one)

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Those are pretty cool @Nessex

Do you have some of the original ones? Is it a cool game? Do they look neat next to Minimates?

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They're not really comparable to minimates, despite both items being stylised, chibi-like miniature figures. 

The sculpting on the game pieces is amazing. They're really stunning looking game pieces, but there's no articulation and they don't come painted.



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