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What If? MiniMates?


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I was sat reading a couple of my What If? Classic trades the other night and it got me thinking about how cool a series, or even just a box set, of What If? MiniMates would be.

To my recollection the only What If? figures produced have been of Spider-Girl (she first appeared in What If? #105 then later span out into an entire range of comics originally known as MC2), which seems odd considering how toy companies love to put out variations on favourite characters.

So with that in mind I thought I'd see if anyone else felt the same way and would also like to see some What If? MiniMates, and if there seems to be any desire I'd put it forward to Diamond.

Some What If? characters I'd like to see are:

Poison from What If? Spider-Man The Other.

Rogue-Thor from What If Rogue Possessed The Power of Thor?.

The Fantastic Four Mike Weiringo tribute issue that contained an FF consisting of Spider-Man, Grey Hulk, Wolverine and Iron Man.

What If the Venom Symbiote Possessed Deadpool?.

What If Wolverine was Lord of the Vampires?.

What If Barbara Ketch Had Become Ghost Rider.

But there are so many more great ones, so what do people think, is it something you'd like to see, or am I completely off the ball?.

Thanks for any comments or suggestions guys.

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I'm with you. I've already made the ff with different powers from issue 6, but I'd love to see more.

Sweet do you have any pics? I can't customise for crap, but its something I'm going to start getting into, I watched Luke's start to finish customisation video on youtube and it inspired me, I just need to find some free time to sit down and practice.

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I have several customs, but only the one ff what if team.

If u click on view new content, you'll see my thread and my latest custom, age of apocalypse gambit.

My advice? Just dive right in, you'll only get better if u practice. (:

Luke is who got me started in the first place. I love being able to make characters I'd never see made into toys otherwise...or my luck back in the day where'd I'd collect half of one team, then the line would drop and would pop in a different scale. So frustrating.

I don't have to worry about that with minimates.I just started buying them at random after collecting my favs, then taking them apart to see what combos I could come up with. I now have six storage containers sorted bry piece. Makes for quick and easy customs.

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I'd love this idea! And related to a couple of your ideas - a Thor set with Rogue Thor, Storm Thor, Robot Thor and Thor Frog. :)

Not to mention, a What If set would be a great way to sneak a Watcher into the minimate world.

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