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  1. Great, really not a fan of the slipover mask on the IW version, much prefer the plain head, not really too big on the weirdly underdetailed chest piece but I can live with that
  2. Can anyone who has these tell me how the reds match up between the mk 50 and the homecoming version
  3. I know march 3rd is the official street date for the lego sets, not sure about everything else
  4. I know it wouldn’t happen because of how old the piece is and the outdated art DST probably has to work with, but I think the Emil Blonsky hairpiece would work amazingly for nomad, like this kitbash i threw together
  5. Winter Soldier looks good, but i hope you’ll be able to see the chest detail better on release, and those grey legs are getting replaced, Widow looks great other than the hair looking a little short, Rocket looks amazing with the new legs and thin torso, not feeling Groot though, hate the arms as legs and his face just looks weird and overall looks too dark, but I appreciate they made circular feet for it, as the square feet always look weird with the armlegs
  6. The rumor is that the eye patch was an incredibly late addition to Ragnarok, late enough that only a couple of additional scenes were added, and the blood/eyepatch had to be cgi’d in. Ragnarok and Infinty War were filmed close enough together that apparently all the concept art, promo art, figure references and even scenes in the movie, as seen in the D23 trailer were done without the eyepatch and was later added in post Or somehow his eye is restored early in the movie
  7. Holy shit, didn’t even notice the back of the package shows spidey with the waldoes!
  8. We got some Scarlet Witch art on some leaked marvel legends, it identical to the civil war verison just with some black bracers on the arms, but I’d say shes a lock because of the CW versions limited release An almost straight Doctor Strange release is weird, the face could’ve been changed more, its nice to get Star Lord with a closed jacket, and yet again we see an eyepatchless Thor, so who knows whats going on there
  9. I would recommend prison or riot gear Michonne, they might be a little too light, but Luke has em for cheap (at leas the prison one) the 4 pack version would work too, but she has colored gloves which might be a little awkward
  10. Its like that for everyone, it’s more a case of stores putting stuff out before their street dates, the Marvel Legends figures have been out for weeks but still not officially announced by Hasbro, same deal with Funko and Lego, but lego may have shown official pics
  11. If we get figs from the sequel it'd be cool to get Common and Fishburnes characters or the big asian assassin, probably Leguizamos and Mcshanes characters, Theon and the two main villans from each movie and the female assassins, Dafoe and a couple different Wick variants would probably make a good assortment
  12. Yeah i think the legs actually work surprisingly well, the arms not so much
  13. That looks like the definitive spidey mate, the detail, the eyes, the shadowing, the colors, the full wrap around printing on the belt arms and legs, the twipping hands are all amazing
  14. These definitely translate better then the Spongebob ones did, except for cream, those legs do not work at all, short legs should have been used, hopefully they have Shadow and Knuckles for maybe a tru or gamestop exclusive, like others were saying on the facebook page it would suck for this first series to not sell well enough for a second series and miss out on those two, can't see dst doing cream and a slightly different sonic without two of the main characters planned at least
  15. I’d be perfectly game for something like this, even if i had to buy the same character again, especially if it allowed for older, shodier figures like TFA Cap or the older Iron Man armors to be done in the newer style, but I can see why alot of people wouldn’t be on board for this
  16. I think if DST released a series with one pack per movie with an updated version of the main character from that film and one fan requested character it could do well, funko released a TFA Cap pop last year and they couldn’t keep those on the shelf, the only problem is I think DST works off of limited licenses for the films and loses the rights after their series’ but it would be cook if they did something like Thor 1 Thor with Fandrall TDW Thor with Hogun GOTG 2 Star Lord with Kraglin TWS Cap with Alexander Pierce CW Cap with Zemo Ragnarok Thor with Korg Spiderman with Ned Ravager Star Lord with Collector and so on and so forth
  17. Interesting to note that the package refers to the new hammer as
  18. I would certainly hope we get a Luis this time around, I don’t really see a new Hank Pym being necessary but he’s probably a lock, Walton Goggins character would be nice too
  19. I’m pretty damn pumped for a collector, he’s probably the biggest mcu snub next to the warriors 2/3 and Zemo, maybe Korg and Miek too, but I can understand why dst didn’t/couldn’t make them
  20. I really don’t think those waves are DSTs fault necessarily, as much as a problem of nearly identical designs in the film as earlier incarnations, some weird choices aside I think they did fine for what they were given. Hopefully Infinity War will be different with a lot of new designs and probably not as much retreading, do we know if it’ll have two waves?
  21. So DST is making a Punisher statue specifically based on the standalone show, could this mean we have a chance of getting a box set?
  22. I would definitely say so, if i had to guess for character only made from the movie I’d bet it’d be one of the Ragnarok characters, Hela Skurge or Grandmaster, probably Hela for the easy parts reuse but I could see a Collector and Grandmaster pack
  23. The thing that particularly peeves me about the spider girl is its just a spiderman with an ever so slightly different chest block deco, and plus it can’t be used for anything from the comics or even for parts
  24. I still thinks its ridiculous that we could’ve gotten a spider ham figure but instead we got that stupid and useless spider girl figure
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