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    The X-Files

    Okay, crush my dreams. How impossible will this be? There are rumors of an imminent reboot. Are there any conflicts that could prevent this licensing? I missed PALz back in the day and I don't want to pay the money those things demand now, but still want to have a pocket full of Mulder and Scully.
  2. WinterSoldier

    Kingdom Hearts

    Wow this is a perfect line for me. Looks like I'm back in, can't wait for these to come out.
  3. WinterSoldier

    Blade Runner 'mates

    Since we're doing other stuff from the Ridleyverse, I'd kill for a set of Mates with Rick Deckard and Roy Batty, bonus points for a scaled down Spinner vehicle. No idea how hard the likeness rights/merch rights would be to obtain. ...yeah I'm not going to lie, I mostly want those two so I can also purchase some Terminator endoskeletons and have my own set of Hideo Kojima's "SNATCHER" Minimates as QC's. I have a ton of love for the movie as well obviously, but I am borderline obsessed with that game.
  4. WinterSoldier

    Lucha Underground

    It's got a following that's only going to get bigger with the advent of being added to Netflix. It's characters are colorful, varied, and superhero-like. I'm starving for toys of them. Why not Minimates?
  5. WinterSoldier


    Since for the first time in ages we actually do kinda have ready access to Gundam models and collectibles in the US, why not see if anyone else here actually kinda likes them. I was super hyped to see a small Gunpla assortment at Barnes and Noble, and I do now collect the Assault Kingdom mini-figures they also have there. I have an immense collection of the old Mobile Suit in Action! toys and three Robot Damashii figures to my name (Gundam Exia, Crossbones Gundam X2, and Cherdium, Gundam). I mostly go after anything to do with Exia, I just really love that design for some reason. Anyone else a fan of the stuff?
  6. WinterSoldier

    Predator Minimates

    The hunt begins in 14 days.
  7. WinterSoldier

    Modifying Marvel Minimates

    It's not much but I'm proud of it. Wanted a g-man styled Fury. AoU Fury head Expendables Jean Vilian coat X-Men Origins Agent Zero torso and legs
  8. WinterSoldier

    The "Ask Zach" Thread!

    I grew up reading Toyfare (I got my first issue in 5th grade, I'm now about to be 29) and I just wanted to say it's cool to get to interact with you on a regular basis, and I think it's really cool that you have such a rapport with the community behind these figures. I got my first ones in 2004, and it's been an obsession ever since. In terms of an actual question, is there any really fringe property you'd love to see get the Minimates treatment? My main "out there" wish would be a set based on the anime/manga Initial D, in vein of Speed Racer with drivers packaged with their respective cars. We don't have the fanbase for it in the states, but, hey it's a neat thought. Also, how do you feel about the DC Super Hero Girls initiative? As a dad of a two year old girl I'm pretty hyped that someone is finally trying to take the "just for boys" aura away from superheroes and make it an inclusive thing.
  9. WinterSoldier

    The X-Files

    Note to self: make more hypothetical what if threads about stuff I want in the future. That seems to work well for me. Can't wait for these!
  10. WinterSoldier


    Ooh, do tell! I kept looking in the clearance at my local one but no luck. Everything's still full price. Quite a few options! You might want to look into Robot Damashii/Robot Spirits figures if you're willing to spend FigurArts money. Just looked these up. Thanks, now I'm broke. Haha, sorry. I felt the same way when a friend told me about them. Which ones did you get?
  11. WinterSoldier

    Animated Marvel 'Mates

    I honestly dig all of these, will pick them up as money permits! That's the best Steve Rogers unmasked head I've seen since maybe the Winter Soldier series.
  12. WinterSoldier

    Predator Minimates

    I love them. Can't wait. The hunt begins.
  13. WinterSoldier

    Steve here - Toy Buyer

    Hey hey, welcome aboard!
  14. WinterSoldier

    A2 :Avengers the age of Ultron movie

    Cool man, I sent in a question about it on the DST website. Thanks! I'll definitely tweet to the Walgreens guy on my next break.
  15. WinterSoldier

    A2 :Avengers the age of Ultron movie

    Got my first error ever on a 'Mate, don't think I would've noticed when he was still in the box, but Iron Man has the copyright info on both sides of his legs (front and back), it's not a huge deal as the gold and red detailing kind of distracts the eyes from it. The rest I got were fine (also got Thor/Cap). Been collecting since 2004 and it's the first time I've ever encountered anything like this, so with that long of a track record with luck on quality control, I can't even complain about it.
  16. WinterSoldier

    The X-Files

    My fingers will remain crossed.
  17. WinterSoldier

    The Alien™ Franchise

    Got mine finally! Skipped Dietrich/Mary for now but am more than thrilled with the set. Can't wait for the rest. I can tell there's a lot of love going into these.
  18. WinterSoldier

    The Alien™ Franchise

    My hype is real. I "completed" my Kenner Aliens (as in the 90's vintage, not the NECA ones, I wish) collection not too long ago, I have missing pieces here and there but I have what I want (all the marines, and the aliens I had when I was a kid save for two, plus ones I didn't and some from the Predator subline) last fall. I'm excited to get to do it again in Minimates. I'm wowed by attention to detail, love that Hicks has the alternate bandaged head, the flamethrower/rifle taped combo, Drake's Smartgun, all great stuff. Thank you for this line. I'm happy that someone has made such amazing stuff that caters to the space and budget conscious kid at heart like me.
  19. WinterSoldier

    The X-Files

    I must be ebaying wrong then. I mostly find full lots in range of 200-300 bucks.
  20. WinterSoldier

    Speed Racer

    Were there ever other Speed Racer cars/figures planned, or was this strictly a one and done for Minimates with just Speed and the Mach 5 and Racer X and the Shooting Star? I've been messing around with them on my desk the last few days (unfortunately my Speed's pants have...yellowed, which looks...very...embarassing for the poor guy) and thought it would've been neat if we had gotten Captain Terror, Kaballah, the GRX, etc as well. I've been on a nostalgia kick for the franchise since I watched a few episodes of the old 'toon with my daughter.
  21. WinterSoldier

    Hot Wheels

    Hey, sweet, fellow HW collectors! I collect mainline mostly, focusing on the Japanese Nostalgic Car/JDM Legends style stuff. Pretty much any Japanese import I will probably pick up. I also tend to go after Batmobiles and the Fast and Furious series (have the full set of the original F&F series). I'll post my collection sometime, I mostly collect for me but also tend to keep some around for speculation purposes (toon/media/older models and supers as available)
  22. WinterSoldier

    First Minimate (If you can remember)

    It was the Target unmasked Spidey/Doc Ock pack. I loved that set when I first got it. My next set was the full Astonishing X-Men assortment. Geez, that was in 2005 and 2006.
  23. WinterSoldier

    Blade Runner 'mates

    Hey, it's better than nothing then.
  24. WinterSoldier

    Aliens Vs. Marines Army Dump

    My LCS had a case in the back still, I can't believe how ridiculously lucky I was. Nabbed the three Alien variants (no discernable QC issues) and Pvt. Wierzbowski (also no QC issues there that I've noticed), opening them up brought back memories of the Kenner Aliens toyline that I still adore (and still collect here and there), can't wait for the next sets, and bring on Predator!
  25. WinterSoldier

    The Alien™ Franchise

    Yeah, Micro Machines were very much doing their stuff based on the films. For Aliens, Predator, and Terminator 2. I remember the Micro Machines playset based on "Alien" that had a little toggle lever to have a chestburster shoot out of Kane. Heh. Kenner had the conceptualized 'toon in mind for their line, it was cancelled but the product was complete, so they shipped it out and as it progressed tried to make it tie in more to the movie. When the marines failed sell well at retail, Predator was introduced as a supplementary line to replace the marines. I collect the hell out of the Kenner Aliens/Predator line.