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  1. I noticed in the item descriptions it says shipping can take 2-14 days. Indeed, even if you live nearby.But the 'mates are awesome! (except for the quiver that broke on my ranger) I should clarify, the description says "ships in 2-14 days" meaning it may take up to 14 days for them to get it out the door, not transit time. Day 15 and still waiting for it to ship.
  2. My order remains in Pending Status. It's been over two weeks since I placed the order.
  3. So, has anyone actually found these for sale in a local comic shop? It's gonna be raining tomorrow, but I might need to take a long lunch break tomorrow.
  4. Placed my order on the 17th. Havent received it yet. 2 to 14 business days to process the order. 3 to 10 days to deliver once processed.
  5. Can the twisty tentacle hold another minimate in the air? Hold would it look on the recent Foes Doc Ock?
  6. You know what would be almost un-guessable? X-Babies.
  7. It's possible that Zach was saying that there wasn't a dedicated army builder slot, referring to the common release pattern where two of the eight slots are dedicated to a single duplicate figure of a generic soldier, such as the SHIELD and Hydra agents. The Cuckoo's and Multiple Man are not generic figures. They are actual characters with names. Also, they wouldn't be getting two slots. So, it could be one slot dedicated to Multiple Man as a character, for example. This would play into Zach's other comment that people may still want to buy multiple sets of particular packs.
  8. I don't know why he has a full diaper.
  9. I strongly doubt that youbastards is correct. Zach said four females but youbastards has 6 male figures plus Destiny and a single figure with alternating heads for Storm, Jubilee and Psylocke. I have no faith that this is what Zach meant.
  10. Season 2 just started and im happy with it. Already much better than last year. I like Talbot. (I still think Person of Interest is a better show).
  11. I cant seem to copy the quote correctly but anyways this: Maybe, maybe not. It certainly has no characters in common with Series 59, that's for sure. And if it IS mutant-based, I would not look a gift horse in the mouth. Next year will be an Avengers-heavy year. I mean, obviously, but also in ways you are not privy to just yet. This makes me think X-Universe but not X-Men. X-Force, X-Factor, Excalibur or Generation X. I always liked Pollina's X-Force the best but I undrstand that I'm in the minority.
  12. Under Seige could fill out two separate waves. Hercules, the Wrecking Crew, Captain Marvel (Monica), Tigershark, etc. Im happy that some of the villains from that story have been made recently including Baron Zemo and the Absorbing Man.
  13. More annoying would be getting Banshee only to find out its in the horsemen colors.
  14. Ronan's belt buckle looks like a smiling turtle head.
  15. Auto correct on my phone. Phish.
  16. Quicksilver ->- Crystal ->- Human Torch ->- Thing ->- wrestling ->- D-Man. Wave 60 is D-Man.
  17. Vision makes a lot of sense. 60s friendly, leads the A.I. Avengers (is that book even around anymore?) Plus a high profile appearance in Age of Ultra movie so you could argue he may become an A lister.
  18. The photos remind me of a funny story about Phil (the band). Back in the 90s or so (before camera phones became so prevalent), whenever the lead guitarist was approached by a fan and asked if they could take a photo, the publicist would always say 'you get in the photo too and I'll take the photo for you.' Then he would purposely crop out everyone's head. It wasn't malicious or mean more of a joke.
  19. Could there be some sort of trade like one Marvel Select figure in minimates style and one minimates two pack in the marvel select style for rocket racoon and Franklin Richards or something?
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