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  1. Awesome! Can’t wait to see pics. I’m sure he’s gonna look very striking.
  2. I know a few people are disappointed with Vulture, but as someone who got into minimates after the Friends & Foes boxset had been released for some time, I’m really glad I won’t have to try and talk myself into spending $60 to finish off the Sinister Six now.
  3. Holy crap. I’m always one for a decent Spider-man wave, but geeze this is awesome. I was just happy with getting the Spot, but now you’re spoiling me, DST.
  4. Jack is totally killer! Definitely my favorite one so far. I think it’s safe to talk about the clue, and I really have no idea who it could be. Anyone wanna take a guess?
  5. Order’s in! I’m cautiously optimistic about this until they show up. Spot will be mine.
  6. By the sound of it, seems like each store is getting one full set and that’s it.
  7. Also found a full set at a Walgreens in Kingston, PA. DarthBurkie, you might be the reason I wasn’t able to find them at the one near my house. 😉
  8. Ooooooooh man. Very excited for this custom. Can’t wait to see how they’re going to look.
  9. Same. They're definitely a neat way to get characters that aren't in the main line (Squirrel Girl, Man-Thing, etc), but these last two waves have kind of soured me on the Animated guys.
  10. Same. When I was little, I was big into TMNT and had a bunch of the figures. My core team consisted of Donatello, Raphael, Michelangelo, and ROCKSTAR GUITARIST LEONARDO. CHECK OUT HIS STUDDED LEATHER JACKET, SUNGLASSES, AND BANDANNA. For some reason, I was the only one that noticed a difference.
  11. As far as I knew, it was already out. Good luck finding it, though.
  12. TRU 26 is Walgreens 1 now? I’m sad now. Looks like I’ll never get Spot.
  13. Pretty cool! Very excited to never seeing them at any of the stores around me, and then having to buy them for an inflated price online. Can't wait!
  14. They got touched by Mister Negative and flipped during Spider-Island.
  15. Yeah, I'm kind of over trying to collect these. There are definitely some cool ones that have come out, and I appreciate getting characters that haven't come out in the mainline, but showing up to the different stores in my area and seeing: 1. Peg with two Roadworn Thor/Civilian Loki packs 2. Peg of Wave 7 3. Peg of Black Panther Wave 4. Don't Carry Minimates At All It's, needless to say, been pretty frustrating. I'd really only been collecting the main Marvel line before these started coming out, so I'm probably just going to go back to sticking with that.
  16. My guess with the newest clue we were given with Tinkerer is Cassie Lang aka Stature!
  17. So I'm trying a thing out. The arms, legs, and hair are just gonna be a matter of getting the right color paint, so that shouldn't be a problem. The hands will just be an easy swap, too. The only thing I'm stuck on is the face. I can't get a good scan of it, to work off of, and I'm not good enough at Photoshop to eyeball it. EDIT: I did try eyeballing it, though. It came out okay, I guess. I gotta make some tweaks and do some color correction.
  18. Pre-ordered! I was wondering how you were going to get him the right stature. Very cool! To the many Stilt Men who will be sacrified, we salute you.
  19. Wow, talk about a deep cut. Haha. I would never have guessed that. Can't wait to see what the 'mate looks like!
  20. Took this quick, just to give you an idea of scale. Also found my potted Groot, so threw him in, too.
  21. I can snap a couple pictures later and post them. The M'Kraan Crystal is pretty small for what it's supposed to be. It's about the size of a Minimate torso. So far I have the M'Kraan Crystal, Eye of Agamotto, Zodiac Key, Fin Fang Foom Toe, Gem of Cyttorak, and the Globe of Ultimate Knowledge. They all seem to be in scale, except for the M'Kraan. The Gem of Cyttorak I kept on it's little pedestal because it's so damn tiny. Just based on pictures I've seen and comparing to what I have, the Terrigen Crystals, Pym Particles, Symbiote Container, and the Cosmic Control Rod all look like they'd be in scale, too. The Infinity Gems do, too, but they seem a little pricey compared to the others. I wanted to see if the hammers for the Worthy that we didn't get could be used for customs, but they seemed like they'd be a little too small compared to the 'mate ones. I don't collect them, but there are a BUNCH of cool DC Props, too. The Lantern effects, especially look really awesome.
  22. I'd imagine that they'd look really tiny. Heroclix are pretty small in comparison to 'mates. But! I have found that some of the 3D objects work really well with them, and are in scale. Like the Eye of Agamotto and the Zodiac Key. I just cut them off their little bases, and they fit perfectly in a Minimate hand. The Fin Fang Foom toe also makes for a goofy prop
  23. Got my Nuke, also! Really awesome. The little details and his accessories are so cool. The hint for the next one has me stumped. My Hulk knowledge isn't the best, but still looking forward to seeing who it is!
  24. Shit, I knew I forgot something. I guess finding those arcade sets was too exciting. Thats crazy, though. I was there the day before. I’ll have to see if any of the managers I know are there the next time I stop in so I can ask them about it.
  25. I managed to find a Centipede and an Asteroids set at my store. They were in totally separate spots, and there were no tags on the shelf for them, so if you want them, definitely keep an eye out. I'm thinking I might go back again tomorrow and see if I can find any more.
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