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  1. To keep the price point in the same range (and to keep the accessories part count up, too), instead of a two-pack+BAF, make it one fig (probably a variant of an existing fig) along with a slightly bigger BAF piece? Also, how about not only BAF sets, but also build-a-vehicle or build-a-diorama sets too. Like battle damaged versions of the TMNTs along with 4 pieces that would build a turtle van or sewer/street diorama, for an example.
  2. Can't figure out how to attach pics the way I used to... Thumb nail will have to do. Anyway, for those that don't know, this vehicle is a 3rd Party Transformer fig made by Fansproject. I've had it for a while but it never dawned on me to try to see how a MM fig fit in it. I gotta say, it fits pretty well. Kind of a snug fit for Cable, with his huge vest/armor on, but the scale is pretty good
  3. Yup, same thing happened to one of my most beloved MMs... Wave 28 Deadpool I rotate what is on display from time to time, other than that I store them in their original boxes. So I took him out of the package and discovered the silver gun with the black handle was missing somehow. It had been a while since I took this particular fig out so I have no idea when, where or how it was lost. Still haven't found it.
  4. Here's my quick custom for Warpath Just combined parts from X-Force Warpath and Thunderbird Now I got the costume I want to go along with the knives and black belt/boots/gloves Plus I really like how Warpath's black mask and sleeves finish off the look Not perfect by any means, but a cheap and easy to acquire recipe for a great alternative to the hard to find and expensive Warpath that came with X-Factor Angel. The details on the T-Bird torso do come off as very underwhelming when compared directly with the shading on Warpath's face, but not as bad as I feared. Also, I first used Warpath's hair piece instead of T-Bird's, but even though I thought it clashed at first, that head band and hair sculpt really grew on me.
  5. Or even clear blue plastic so blue tinted Iceman can get some stuff too.
  6. That Carnage is just fricken amazing man!
  7. Very much looking forward to more Iceman stuff! Any chance we could get some tinted blue?
  8. I only buy the ones I like so I don't have that problem. I just don't feel the need to "collect 'em all". Plus, that's not my display, I just set them up like this to snap this pic. Plus, one of the best things about Minimates to me is the TONS of articulation packed into the tiny figs. I just think its dumb to just have them standing there like Lego men or Kubricks. Knees, elbows and ankle swivels BEG to be used. lol.
  9. Just wanted to add a pic of all of my 90's X-Men, Gold & Blue teams, with a special guest appearance from a BIGASS sentinel...
  10. My point was that there are Marvel characters that are shorter than Wolvie, so I would prefer to have the short legs reserved for them.
  11. You know, those younger, smaller versions of adults you see running around every so often.
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