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    the City of God
  1. NY State of Mind

    New to the site!

    Welcome to the verse!!!!
  2. NY State of Mind

    Stuck pieces?

    I just bite down in the middle slightly lol
  3. NY State of Mind

    Comic Cover Replication Contest!

    I don't have the skill to pull this off but can't wait to see what everybody is going to do
  4. NY State of Mind

    Happy birthday MST3KFan!

    Happy Birthday!!!!
  5. NY State of Mind

    Top FIVE (well really Ten....)

    Well I see what your saying but I meant it as.....your opinion on the best 5 figures made based on design, accessories, etc. but your personal favorite can be completely different....For EX: your fav could be Elecktra for some personal reason but I would hope you wouldn't count her as a best minimate created :tongue: just saying
  6. NY State of Mind

    Top FIVE (well really Ten....)

    Hope this is in the right section cause I'm a newb here, however Whats YOUR Favorite 5 Minimates and YOUR Opinion on THE BEST 5 Minimates ever made (could include customs) feel free to explain why or show pics of 'em...whatever........I'm gonna post mines in a bit.
  7. NY State of Mind

    Minimates in the movie "Super" the movie good....and who could you clearly make out in the minimate bunch?
  8. NY State of Mind

    Rise of the Planet of the Apes

    My cousin just told me about it and now I see it posted here.....I'm guessing I have to really watch this movie!
  9. NY State of Mind

    Hello there!

    I will be at NYCC and can't wait to hear which announcements you all have planned.
  10. NY State of Mind

    just a new guy saying hi

    I'm new myself....but welcome anyways