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  1. I just bite down in the middle slightly lol
  2. I don't have the skill to pull this off but can't wait to see what everybody is going to do
  3. Well I see what your saying but I meant it as.....your opinion on the best 5 figures made based on design, accessories, etc. but your personal favorite can be completely different....For EX: your fav could be Elecktra for some personal reason but I would hope you wouldn't count her as a best minimate created :tongue: just saying
  4. Hope this is in the right section cause I'm a newb here, however Whats YOUR Favorite 5 Minimates and YOUR Opinion on THE BEST 5 Minimates ever made (could include customs) feel free to explain why or show pics of 'em...whatever........I'm gonna post mines in a bit.
  5. the movie good....and who could you clearly make out in the minimate bunch?
  6. My cousin just told me about it and now I see it posted here.....I'm guessing I have to really watch this movie!
  7. I will be at NYCC and can't wait to hear which announcements you all have planned.
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