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  1. I hope that they can get one more set out. I just want a tng Klingon, and Kirk from TMP, but if I just get the yellow and blue tng uniforms ill still be happy.
  2. Hey everyone it's been a while. Some of you may remember me, but i used to be on this site a lot. Now I'm "all grown up" working for dell. I just started collecting minimates again a few weeks ago. seems like I have some catching up to do. well i hope to be on here a lot more. It's good to be back.
  3. the twelve is freaking amazing if your not reading it your doing your self a disservice. im also anctious for the secret six relaunch in October
  4. na i think your right i just had been working on one and thought it would be awesome for this contest. ill think of something els though
  5. does anyone know if captain planet falls into the indi category?
  6. no points on tarantulas shoes!?! easy fix but still thats his trademark
  7. and thatnk you fujis for puting so much time and effort into this project .you rock man
  8. i just called the post ofice and they said its at you post office fujis call them and they will bring it by or they said that you can go pick it up idk why they are being like that but they said they got it in two days ago im sorry for the inconvenience
  9. i hope you get mine by tomorrow they said it wouldn't take more than 5 days (i hate the us mail) and i want that elephant
  10. It's ok I'm going to ask DC is moved to minimates past. You people are stupid and stubborn and well a little more stupid as well! T. I very much agree- maybe its time they take the train of failure down to minimates past where they can be amongst the other losers =) :nopity: sad but true the time has come to stop beating the dead horse
  11. this is one line that i really miss they came with such cool accessorys i like a port-a-john litle flash lights and even little laptops the alien biopsy scene was so cool! what did you guys like about the line and do you use any of the accessorys with your minimates? also who would you have liked to see if palz hadn't come to such a sad end?
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