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    Reading comic books, construction, badminton, cutomizing Minimates (Citadel paints rock!), pretty much all things Marvel (Daredevil and X-Men mostly)

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  1. Right now, I'm always listening to The Arcade Fire (Canadian Indie rock band) and ... The Beatles :tongue: . Glomit
  2. Oh man, man! This has happened to me so many times. Thanks for the tip, Shane! Glomit
  3. I only know the old school Pokemon, so I'm just lost when I see the new stuff! Does anyone remember those 'fake' Pokemon cards? Glomit
  4. It was some LOTR one, but the first MARVEL pack I ever got was Sue Richards and Thing Glomit
  5. I wore my Symbiote Spidey/Venom shirt at school today, in celebration. It only got noticed towards the end of last block. Glomit
  6. No. They would have appeared on the order list for retailers. Unless your LCS has some left over from past FCBD offerings, there won't be any 'mates available. Damn! Glomit
  7. So I was wondering, will this year's FCBD mean any free 'mates? Glomit
  8. My brother is it seeing on Saturday for a friend's B-day party. He would rather miss FCBD. I have no idea when I'm gonna see it. I thought about asking my Dad if we could see it on Friday, but then I thought about the...herd of people in the theatre and decided against it. I'll just wait until the Spider-Mania has died down before I see it. Glomit
  9. Hey, nice to have another Canadian around here (not that having US and UK people here is bad)! Glomit
  10. I like that pic of Six... :tongue: :biggrin: Nice website! Glomit
  11. I'm all for re-releases of those characters, just not too big on the re-releases of the figures. I just like the comic style more than the animated. Cool idea, though. Glomit
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