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  1. So when they inevitably release the Dinobots do you think they will release them all together (minus one) or will they be spread out through numerous waves? I wouldn't mind seeing 2 Dinobots and 2 Constructicons per package in a few waves. Maybe release Grimlock in a wave and then the other four in another wave. I'm pretty sure there were five Dinobots. I had a bit too much whiskey to be bothered to use good ol google to look it up tonite though.
  2. They posted two pics on Facebook. The packaging looks great. I love that they include file cards. My only tiny gripe is that they stuck with the grey strap on Storm Shadow when it should be black. Easy enough fix though. Zach can you show us tray shots now that the other pics have been released?
  3. Aliens based on the Kenner figures would be great. They range from awesome to ridiculous. Predator figures too would be nice. My only issue with the Predator figures is that I wish the unmasked Predators had sculped faces instead of tampos.
  4. Plenty of vaccinated people still getting it yet too. I think I ready 23% of hospitalized people in a certain city (can't recall) have it even though they are vaccinated.
  5. Great news! I can't wait to see the final product (and get them in my hands).
  6. The Snake Eyes movie was ok. Pretty forgettable though. The origin is completely different from the comics too, but that is obvious because they had Henry Golding playing him instead of a blond haired white guy. If you like martial arts movies then give it a watch.
  7. After seeing the Shang Chi Marvels Legends figures being clearanced before the movie is even out makes me think DST made the right choice by not making these. Death Dealer was the only cool looking one to me. The rest were ok at best. I have a feeling the Eternals movie is not going to be good so I am not upset that we aren't seeing minimates for that movie. I'm not a MCU minimate fan but I would buy minimates of the Moon Knight show, Venom 2 (Sony pictures I know) and the upcoming Spider-Man movie. It sounds like characters from the Raimi movies and the Amazing Spider-Man films will be in the new Spider-Man movie. That would be a great opportunity to give us a Spider-Man 1 Green Goblin and a Garfield Spider-man plus others.
  8. A one month delay isnt too bad. Any chance that you can share some pics of the final product? I would like to see their accessories and whether or not the decided to keep Storm Shadows strap for his sword grey instead of black like it should be.
  9. Yes. I would love to know what these changes are too. I have a feeling that we will be seeing 4-packs instead of 2-packs at Walgreens sometime in the near future. I would be fine with that. The larger packaging will make them stand out more at the stores and hopefully attract more attention to them.
  10. Zach is there any update as to when these are going to ship now? This minimate drought sucks. I'm dying to get this series and the X-Men Animated packs in my hands.
  11. Thanks Zach! Also thanks wookie fodder for switching. I open up all of my minimates so I would have been fine with the opened one.
  12. So are the Transformers minimates delayed also? The G.I. Joe minimates being delayed really sucks. They are right up there with Thundercats as my favorite minimate licenses. I hope the delay isn't too long.
  13. Zach are these still on schedule to be released next month? Also any updates on what other figures we will see after these are released? Will we see a wave of three two-packs like Marvel releases or will they be two two-packs showing up at Walgreens? We really need some Cobra Troopers, or Vipers, or Crimson Guard, or B.A.T.S., etc. You can see where I am going with this. They will sell like crazy. Just look at the G.I. Joe Classified Vipers, Troopers, Infantry, They sell like crazy.
  14. I just pray that they give us a 2-pack of Cobra troopers (Cobra Infantry and a Cobra Viper). A second pack could Be Crimson Guard and a B.A.T. G.I. Joe collectors army build them and they will sell like crazy. Just look at the prices on Ebay for the G.I. Joe Classified Cobra Viper and Cobra Trooper. I have seen pics of people having 10 or more of them in their collection and they extremely hard to find at retail. Maybe Luke could get an exclusive 2 pack of Cobra troop builders.
  15. I enjoyed the movie although the little girl in it annoyed the hell out of me real quick. Still a fun movie. If you like Power Rangers you should give it a watch.
  16. The figures in that line are 3.75 inches tall so the vehicles would be a bit too big. There was G.I. Joe Kreo line a few years back that had playsets and vehicles. Im not sure how close they were in scale to minimates, but they gotta be close. I am pretty sure Nervous Rex used to collect them and may know if they are minimate compatible.
  17. I hope Snake Eyes comes with the sword in the pic above and not the normal generic sword that has been around forever now. Also Zach will we be seeing another 4 pack or will they be switching to just 2-packs after this first 4-pack is released?
  18. I don't think DST is prepared for the amount of G.I. Joe collectors there are out there. They will buy them and not just one set either. I have seen plenty of collectors and scalpers showing off their collections of 10 or more of the same figure. It is crazy. I decided to stop hunting for G.I Joe Classified figures now that these have been announced (I will still buy them but won't hunt them down like I used to). I have been able to find all the figures in stores so I never had to pay triple the price or more for them on Ebay. Plenty people have paid that much though because the figures are hard to find. Go into any Target or Walmart and you won't find a single one on the shelves. I hope DST will have these readily available so people aren't missing out on them.
  19. They sell the G.I. Joe Classified figures but they sell out immediately. I posted a pic and info of these on a G.I. Joe Classified group on Facebook and almost everyone that responded wants these. G.I. Joe collectors don't just buy one set either. They always buy multiple so I see these selling out and them being hard to find at Walgreens when they start showing up there.
  20. I just hope the G.I Joe minimates don't bring over a bunch of G.I. Joe collectors to this forum. I collect the G.I. Joe Classified figures, which are amazing but some are extremely hard to find. I have never seen so many bitchy pricks before either. I was a member of three G.I. Joe Classified collectors groups on Facebook and had to leave them because they were so toxic.
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