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  1. Yes there are unnumbered silver ones out there is the wild, probably more than the gold ones from what I know. I don't think we will get a giveaway like gold/silver spidey again, talking to Chuck the logistics of doing it are a nightmare and they got into a lot of trouble at SDCC for the size of the lines that formed. T. I actually have one of the unnumbered silver spideys. But he's famous.... I was thinking of printing out a certificate of authenticity and having various people sign it like Chuck, maybe even Adam if I see him around at SDCC, hell maybe even one of the SDCC event organizers, I hear one of 'em is a huge minimates fan! Complete collection, protos, rare gems and all! TBT!, I'd hate to have such a competitive collector have to part with these pieces, that being said, as a hardcore collector, they are truly priceless. I recall seeing them on ebay years back, silver maybe for around $800 and gold for around $600. But in answering the thread question, I would probably pay $350 give or take a piece for them... -CloneMe
  2. Actually, my avatar was a somewhat recent decision (I've been around since before 06) and I've been thinking to change it to something that fits my name better. Oh, and my current avatar, from castle crashers, is the first avatar I've used. Unless there was something Donna related that I've forgotten... which is most likely true. Anywho, I might change it to something better. Maybe Scarlet Spider as my name does involve the word "Clone." -CloneMe
  3. I think you might get your wish on an alpha flight set. I'd want a Maximum Clonage Boxset. -The Jackal -SpiderCide -Kane -Ben Reilly in Plain Clothes That would make my day.
  4. Thanks Danny, I managed to stay clean for a couple of months, but the completist in me is winning out again! -CloneMe
  5. Those I know of, I'm good there. Thanks. Oh is the Hulk in the TRU Hulk/Abomination two pack an exclusive? -CloneMe Nope both are the same as the regular wave versions, they get the exclusivity by being packed together rather that as per the regular wave. Arent you glad you aren't a packing variation collector? T. Oh god yes, I'm glad I'm not shanester. Okay sorry to bug with so many questions but since I have a complete collection up to 3rd quarter of last year, I can't afford to not be specific! I'm coming back! -CloneMe
  6. Those I know of, I'm good there. Thanks. Oh is the Hulk in the TRU Hulk/Abomination two pack an exclusive? -CloneMe
  7. Yeah, I thought the picture looked a little odd. To me it looks like DDs chest and crotch are all photoshopped along with the faces and some other black areas.
  8. Watch this Green Lantern Fan-Created Trailer. Its frakking amazing. I never would have suggested him, just didn't cross my mind. But it's brilliant. -CloneMe
  9. Yeah no. What about comic shop exclusives/blanks. I know there was the ComcisPro any other ones like the bad apple blank?
  10. Okay. I knew Ghostbusters were going to be one of them. Wow. So many! I'm gonna swing by my TRU today and see if there are any. -CloneMe
  11. So, Ive been out of "the game" for about 6 months, and I just noticed that there are a ton of TRU 2-pack exclusives, but I don't know how many! I know there is the "Wonder Man/Union Jack" "Wolverine/Agent Zero" "Punisher/Jigsaw" and "Gauntlet Tony Stark/Stealth Iron Man" sets. Is that it. Are there moer? Please let me know. Thanks! -CloneMe
  12. Of course, I want a Scarlet Spider Mighty Mugg. Here's what I might do with a white blank.
  13. No T. p.s. Care to share what number your spidey is so we can log it with the others that we know. *cynical* I'm assuming it's an un-numbered gold Spidey like mine. -CloneMe
  14. The person I bought them from had access to Art Asylum and the people who worked there and was and still is a member of the industry. I won't say who he is or where he currently works but if he wants to come forward he can. I can understand that it could be very easy to doubt me on this since I got it from an 'unnamed' source and you basically have to take my word for it. All I can say is that I do have access to folks who could have had this and as far as I know they are real. -Rob Trust me I understand ALL too well! Not to mention with guys on this board like Shane, TBT and me (however I speak for myself here) minimates we've never seen definitely pique our interest! Anyway, Sorry if I came off rude. I wasn't trying to call you out I just wanted to see what you had to say about them to suppress any doubt on the mythical clear spideys. Awesome to know they are real! Welcome aboard, don't be a stranger! -CloneMe
  15. Okay yeah, I think these are fake! I'm not sure, but I've been around a while but I think these aren't real. I actually have red and blue blanks that are a lot darker than the ones they issued at SDCCI this year and in the right light they look like these minus the tampo. And my fake gold spidey also shares the exact same shine and sparkle as my real one. Now As I said I've been around a while and I do remember seeing the pic from a long way back that was of the clear spideys that leaked from the factory, I wish I had saved it, so we could compare.. Anyone?!?! I'm not saying they are fake just my personal opinion, maybe Rob from TRM would like to comment, or was this from a complete article?
  16. Yeah at San Diego Comic-Con, DSTMatt told me that they would only be available from CCC. That he ordered them exclusively for himself to sell yadda yadda yadda yadda. SO no surprise here, BBTS jumped the gun. -CloneMe
  17. Wizard World Chicago they had a couple paint tests I saw. Loose, clear red, clear and clear blue. They said they were trying something new for clear parts. Cast in clear plastic then using a clear red or clear blue or clear X paint over it to give it the right look. Maybe it won't last who knows!?
  18. Hot and cold make materials expand and contrast. When the stuck items are of different materials I think one expands and or contrasts more, thus giving you the chance to separate... -CloneMe
  19. I throw mine in the freezer than slide the helmet off after an hour or two. Works every time I've done it. Hopefully it'll work the same on the newer minis!
  20. I'm 12 miles out of downtown, don't know where the earthquake originated from, but I didn't feel a thing... Though two minimates on the top of my computer have fallen down.... -CloneMe PS-BHM, you're still here?!
  21. Ah ha! I was right, so that'd be DST's exclusive! Finally, Naked Namor!!!!!
  22. Mind you this is only the AFX exclusive. Where's the DST one?
  23. I hope its more Iron Man Armors!!
  24. Congratulations! I remember when I finally got it myself I was frikkin excited. It's a good feeling rounding out that part of your collection!
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