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  1. Bob you shouldn't have! Thanks everyone! Hit up the tru in hopes of getting Dayton/reaper with no luck. Did see the latest walking dead set but passed.... Currently on day 3 of being a stay at home dad. It's more challenging than I though with a 2 year old and a 2 month old....and a pug...with a week straight of 100 degree temps. ):
  2. Crap- just got the red ring of death on my Xbox 360 (the model before the shiny new slim was released to match the kinect sensor). Do you guys recommend any place to fix it? Gamestop? Play n Trade? Do it myself? HELP!
  3. Just sent you an invite. I'm jbvenger. Anyone else want to add me- feel free.
  4. On my 360: Toy Story 3- I've always had a fondness for the characters and story so when I read the reviews that the game was actually good I tracked it down for a mere $17. Yes, it's a kids game but the graphics are top notch along with the voices and music. There's the main missions mode where you explore various locales from the film and climb up everyday objects to get to higher places....or use a combination of abilities from Woody (uses his pull strip like a whip to cross gaps), Buzz (throws Woody to higher platforms) or Jessie (not sure what she does yet). There's also toy box mode which acts as a mini-mission hub in a canyon setting. You can paint buildings, buy clothing for the townspeople, unlock new toys to play with. It's a blast. Controls and camera are spot on. The first time I popped this in (late at night after the kids went down) I told myself I'd only play for 20 minutes......which quickly turned into an hour and a half. On my iPhone: Marvel Avengers Alliance- I missed out the first go round when it was on facebook so I just started playing a week ago on my phone. I was lucky enough to earn gold so I purchased the miasma cannon (poisoning characters over time so their health is constantly dropping) I REFUSE to pay actual money on this game so it's slow going before I can get anymore heroes. Any tips for a new player? I just beat Loki last night but don't have enough Stars to get to the abomination level with Hulk- so I'm replaying my previous missions and plowing thru them with ease. Love this game- could play it all day long.
  5. Thanks! I've got a buddy at work who's an aspiring film maker and he and I see eye to eye on making a really great game. He's also a talented artist and has done a couple of sketches for me which will appear shortly. I just purchased the revised Pandemic, yet to play it. Currently, I'm enjoying Smash Up, DC Deck Building Game and The Adventurers Pyramid of Horus.
  6. Wanted to tell everyone here about my next project- a board game I'm working on that will hopefully (in time) make it's way to kickstarter. It's called P.A.S.T.2 (short for Paranormal Adventurers Scattered Through Time) and is a 2-4 player co-op card/board game in which players must defeat monsters entering through portals in our world....and in the past. Each character has their own unique psychic abilities and various options to play out on a turn. I've developed the back story of each character and how they come to meet and working on the play mechanics/card effects as we, type. I've created a Facebook page where you see my latest updates, sketches, etc.: 'Like' it today! Jeff
  7. I'm really excited at the possibilities despite the 6 hour print time per piece (last posted from Luke). Here's the original thread with pics for examples of what COULD be coming our way: I'd love to see a twisted girder that could be wrapped around characters via The Thing or bent from Magento's magnetism...or what have you.
  8. When I get around to it- I want to make Franklin Richards to go with the rest of my Fantastic Four.
  9. Saw it last night. Didn't like it. Casting was great. Writing was meh. Disaster porn. Felt flat. So many questions as to why Superman did one thing or another. Meh.... Hence...
  10. Let's see a pic of those Super Hero Squad X-Men with Mojo!
  11. He died a long time ago. Just ask Big Bird.
  12. Thanks- but I think it's run it's course. I'm a very visual person and without the images- it'd just be text (as I don't finish the actual custom). I'll just stick to posting ideas/customs here (meaning my own custom thread) from now on.
  13. Ah. See the reason I did the site is so I wouldn't be choking up this forum with my images. So essentially, I did it backwards. I did originally ask Ivan (and thought he'd be fine with it as it would direct more people to his and lukes sites). He took awhile to get back to me but I was so sure he'd be fine with it that I posted anyway. I got greedy. My bad. Man.....Between this, PO DST Zach that one time, and that one unfortunate trade I made years ago..... I really need to just stick to viewing the internet like everyone else and leave it at that.
  14.'s a sad day. The Minimate Cookbook is no more. I'll keep the existing site up for those of you who still want to view the recipes but I won't be posting any more new recipes to the site. The reason? It seems some aren't cool with using existing images even if you properly credit them and link to their site which BENEFITS everyone here. I just don't get it. Isn't that the whole point of this site- of collecting Minimates and sharing with others?? How is what I'm doing any different from people posting the exact same images here?
  15. I hope they reuse Invincible's headpiece again for Wave 80.
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