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  1. Snake’s wolf would be an awesome accessory. Shoot I would buy it as a stand alone minimate release even.
  2. I am in! I might be down for multiples of my favorite characters. Minimates are the perfect size to have a few figures on the desk at work.
  3. I am in for all G1! Hopefully you get to the cartoon movie figures as well.
  4. Can’t wait for the new Joes and the F4 wave. Hopefully we will eventually get back to some sort of normalcy with the supply chain and can start getting dates attached to releases again. That could be a while though.
  5. While this is not a line for me (I never got into them as a kid) it totally makes sense and looks great in the concept art. I won’t be getting them but I hope it is successful and helps convince other properties to try minimates. I am still holding out hope for LOTR to come back some day.
  6. I think he just means the Walgreen exclusives that are no longer Walgreen exclusives. Not sure how many sets that means outside of the 2 movie sets and the 1 wave of animated x-men. Hopefully the animated x-men have enough appeal that they are picked up and we get the main cast.
  7. Sounds like it. Too bad for the line but it was definitely a pain trying to get some of the Walgreens exclusives. Hopefully someone picks them up. Maybe Joe and Transformers will help invigorate minimates and they make it through this.
  8. If they keep with themes like sound wave and blaster for Transformers I could see Serpentor being pair with Mindbender or St Slaughter or Falcon.
  9. I wonder if they will release him in Dino form later since he spends a good amount of time transformed. Might be neat to have some minimate dinos.
  10. Can’t wait for wave 1 and 2! Really hoping Flint and Lady Jaye are in box 3 but we also need some army builder Cobras. I could live with a 4 pack army builder set. Trooper, Viper, Crimson Guard & B.A.T. I would imagine that set would sell at least as many as the other Joe 4 packs of not more. I know I would try to get as many as I could afford.
  11. Hopefully we will be able to order them online. I am really looking forward to X-Men animated so hopefully they get a new home soon. Any update on the Logan & Laura 2 pack? Thanks!
  12. My Leo arrived! Thanks again Zach! Although now I feel a need to track down the rest of them lol.
  13. Hopefully we are still getting the animated x-men and the Logan and Deadpool sets.
  14. Wow nice find and offer. I don’t have either of them.
  15. Holy crap! That Logan set is a must have for me if it’s real. Didn’t see it coming at all!
  16. Thanks for sharing. I will start checking out my Walgreens again. Hopefully this means the animated x-men aren’t too far behind as well.
  17. Knowing that I wonder if Diamond would ever consider looking into whether it is worth it to make a weapons/accessory pack for minimates. Don’t make it tied to any license and keep the cost to around $5 or $10. There would be no licensing fee and no special package art needed.
  18. Lol. If the door to Joe minimates truly opens after this first set I can come up with years and years worth of mates before diving into the movies. I have to say this is the most excited I have been about minimates in a long long time. I really, really hope the line lasts at least long enough for me to get Flint, Lady Jaye and an army of Cobra troopers (Crimson Guard, Vipers and B.A.T.S are right up there too along with Shipwreck, Alpine and Dusty). My pipe dream are the H.A.V.O.C. and Hiss Tank.
  19. Okay good and also thanks for answering. I thought maybe the free comic book day was a loop hole that let you sell them there. So if they sell well we may end up with two outlets for Joe mates; comic shops and Walgreens. When you say that there likely will be exclusives would that be entire waves or maybe just one two pack in a wave, or it’s so far in the future that it has not discussed yet. Also I really hope you make the army builders sets one that can be preordered.
  20. Does this mean if the line continues we are looking at it probably being a Walgreens exclusive line? While I will take Joe minimates any way I can get them and be thankful for it I was really, really hoping they would be nice and easy preorders from Luke’s.
  21. I preordered from Luke’s
  22. Ordered! super excited about these. Hopefully these are the first of a series of minimates and not a 1 and done thing.
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