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  1. Interesting that it comes with two themed stands and two clear ones. I would have thought it would be either all themed or all clear. I also would have liked a second staff for Don since his toy has two. On the other hand I love that it comes with a mouser. Hopefully if they do more sets (and I hope they do!) the mouser will find its way in them as well. I would mind having a handful of them.
  2. 100% agree at least as far as I am concerned. Love the idea, the execution and the packaging and well as the figures. The VHS interior tray is fantastic! I remember renting the old TMNT videos from the store and even being lucky enough for my family to own a couple for me.
  3. Thanks for chiming in. Can’t wait to get them. It feels like it’s been a long time since we had new Marvel minimates.
  4. Wow! Totally wasn’t expecting this news. HopefullY Luke gets his in soon since that is where I preordered mine.
  5. I wonder if Diamond will consider making a Minimate Cobra Hiss if the HasLab Hiss is super successful.
  6. Lol. I have two daughters so I am very, very familiar with My Little Pony. The youngest still watches it. It seemed like it was a big thing for girls when I was little never thought it would be even bigger for my kids. To be honest though it’s not the worst or most annoying thing they could be watching. It’s not as good as Phineas and Ferb (that’s a show we all love) but it is one of their shows that I can sit through when they ask me to sit and watch with them. If they ever make minimates of them I could see myself getting a set for them. They probably already have about half of my minimate collect as it is.
  7. My guess is the special packaging or due to the license stipulations because it looks like there are more new molds with Transformers versus GI Joe. It’s totally a guess though.
  8. Neat. You will have to let us know which one it is after the reveal.
  9. Thanks! They look great and my order is in. Hopefully series 3 and 4 consist of all new characters. There are way too many Joes and Cobras to have half of each wave be version 2.0s.
  10. Thanks for the updates! Can’t wait to see what the new lines are. I will hold onto crazy hope that the other line is LOTR or Star Wars. Super excited to see what is shown. In my opinion getting Joes and Transformers in minimate form is fantastic.
  11. I think you might be right with the Savage Avengers.
  12. And I would buy that box set. I am down for anything from the 1st movie.
  13. A diorama for minimates would be awesome. I also wouldn’t mind one for their Lord of the Rings line. They could do a mines of Moria one with Balin’s tomb.
  14. Hopefully Lady Jaye and Flint are in series 3 or 4. Any hints on the breakdowns or how Diamond will handle army builder characters? I would definitely buy multiples of the Cobra army builders but I don’t need (or can afford) to have 4, 5 or more of named characters just to get a trooper army.
  15. I really hope they eventually are released. I would be in for any and all of the animated x-men.
  16. Why not give us the sculpted ones as an added accessory? Each turtle could come with their weapons and the sculpted head.
  17. I would be all in on these. Would t be opposed to sculpted heads for the turtles either.
  18. Maybe the new license is the Lego Movie. Imagine the possibilities of Lego people in minimate form.
  19. Hopefully Hot Rod and Magnus are in the next set. Really liking the 80s cartoon love we are getting right now from minimates.
  20. I would love to see those too! Anything from the animated Transformers movie would be great.
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