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  1. When that time comes you can count on me buying a modest sized army.
  2. I wonder if they could work with some of the vintage vehicles. Also makes wonder what the people of Flagg would look like with minimates on it and the old minimate jets or whatever it was called
  3. I actually like the box design. I could honestly see myself putting them on a bookshelf if they look good in person and if I have room (normally packaging goes straight into the trash and recycler). While I would always prefer to not have price increases, I understand them. In the scheme of things one “wave” of minimates costs about the same as two Marvel Legends figures. That feels about right. I am a little concerned that the switch could doom the random non-themed mates and unless Diamond does an entire boxes of army builders I don’t see being able to build any armies even small ones of two or three. That hits me hard let with the Cobra from GI Joe than Marvel.
  4. It also fits Zach’s prediction of a “WTF” response. I know if it is wrestling, I never saw it coming or thought of it until his comments and clues. The more I think about it the more wrestling makes sense in minimate form.
  5. I think it could be wrestling. It definitely would have been totally unexpected (at least by me). The wrestling toy lines have lasted a long time and are in the major retail stores so it could potentially lead to getting minimates into Walmart and back into Target. I could also see them making a ring and other props to go with the figures. I would guess AEW over WWE since they are trying to get name recognition and are probably a cheaper license than WWE. Not my thing but I could see it being successful and it could bring some neat tooling if they made chairs, tables, rings, etc.
  6. I preordered it from Luke. Hopefully after wave 2 they move away from the specialty packaging to get the cost down a little bit. Don’t get me wrong I love the look but since I will be opening mine I would rather save a few dollars in the long run. If we are stuck at $10 per mate regardless of the packaging then I say keep this look.
  7. Do we know if these made in the normal Walgreen quantities? While the older waves always seemed to be a pain to find I was eventually able to get the ones I wanted and almost every wave sat on the pegs at some point so as long as the quantities are the same I would think there will be plenty to go around.
  8. Is there a problem with the Earth's gravitational pull?
  9. I am in definitely in for as long as the line lasts. I think this is a great license for minimates and I can definitely see myself doing some army building if given the chance. Would love to see some vehicles like the Hiss Tank, Trouble Bubble, HAVOC etc. but I am guessing those have a very slim chance of happening.
  10. Are we sure it will be a 6 pack and not a 4 pack? Based on the price of the Joe and Transformer 4 packs I would think a 6 pack might deter some buyers especially if they don’t want all 6 figures.
  11. Great news! Will they be taking the place of normal Marvel waves or their own line or is that still up in the air?
  12. Nice! Looking forward to new Marvel minimates. Feels like it has been a very long time without a new Marvel wave.
  13. I would love to see the standard cartoon laser rifle the Joe’s used in minimate form. It would be all new tooling but pretty much every Joe could come with it so it would get a lot of reuse.
  14. Too bad about the minimates (I am curious about the other categories). I loved that line. I even was able to track down two of the Strider prototypes from the wave that never was released. I really wanted that wave too but I will give Diamond props for getting out the entire fellowship. I still hold onto hope of one day being able to get the rest of the unreleased wave.
  15. Well my box set arrived from Luke today and I have to say after having owned probably hundreds of minimates over the years (I have been buying minimates all the way back to the early days; LOTR, 1st Marvel, DC, etc.) these are my favorites. I think they turned out fantastic in minimate form. Shoot they may end up being my favorite GI Joe figures period. To me they are truer to my childhood memories than the new 6” versions from Hasbro (which I also own). My biggest beef is I always get rid of the packaging but the box turned out so great that I am going to actually keep it. Again in my opinion great job in these Diamond and thanks posting in here Zach! Also I am really liking the LOTR line you guys are doing. Any chance Diamond might take another swing at LOTR minimates as well?
  16. Snake’s wolf would be an awesome accessory. Shoot I would buy it as a stand alone minimate release even.
  17. I am in! I might be down for multiples of my favorite characters. Minimates are the perfect size to have a few figures on the desk at work.
  18. I am in for all G1! Hopefully you get to the cartoon movie figures as well.
  19. Can’t wait for the new Joes and the F4 wave. Hopefully we will eventually get back to some sort of normalcy with the supply chain and can start getting dates attached to releases again. That could be a while though.
  20. While this is not a line for me (I never got into them as a kid) it totally makes sense and looks great in the concept art. I won’t be getting them but I hope it is successful and helps convince other properties to try minimates. I am still holding out hope for LOTR to come back some day.
  21. I think he just means the Walgreen exclusives that are no longer Walgreen exclusives. Not sure how many sets that means outside of the 2 movie sets and the 1 wave of animated x-men. Hopefully the animated x-men have enough appeal that they are picked up and we get the main cast.
  22. Sounds like it. Too bad for the line but it was definitely a pain trying to get some of the Walgreens exclusives. Hopefully someone picks them up. Maybe Joe and Transformers will help invigorate minimates and they make it through this.
  23. If they keep with themes like sound wave and blaster for Transformers I could see Serpentor being pair with Mindbender or St Slaughter or Falcon.
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