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  1. Any news on the TRU exclusives being redirected to Walgreens?
  2. Anyone willing to sell a GITD Reindeer or Torn Oogie Boogie?
  3. Anyone have trouble taking the hands off the Agent Coulson minimate?
  4. LMAO, I don't plan on opening him either I really can't bring myself to. Wow really 7 other members? Why did you guys let him go?
  5. You guys are too much lol. But yes, I'm planning on expanding it with new material. I'm thinking of a direction it can go in and also thinking about what exactly we want to shoot and what you guys might possibly want to see. I'm still in college finishing my thesis now and this was a side project we did for fun, so when the summer arrives we will be going full throttle on this mini doc
  6. Didn''t mean to offend Hellpop I'm sorry, but I'm glad you liked it. Overall, would you guys be interested in another installment?
  7. Wow thanks a lot guys! It means a lot to me that you guys commented and gave me great feedback. It's a rough cut so I will incorporate some of your suggestions. I didn't mean to hurt anyone with the "30 year old" comment lol especially since I'm getting older and I'm gonna be one of those guys in time, but I really respect you guys especially since some of you have helped me a long the way. Bob Harris you're totally right about the "retarded" comment, I didn't realize it when we edited it but yes it does leave a bad taste in my mouth now watching it, editing will fix that problem. On the expansion note I was thinking about interviewing other collectors, especially the Heavy hitters. I would ideally want to possibly head to the DST headquarters and document the minimate creating process, the workers, how they market, etc. I'm just a piece of the puzzle and thats why I want to make it a feature. I really appreciate it guys THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
  8. Hello Minimate Multiverse, My friend and I made a small 10 minute documentary on me and my minimate collection. I figured you guys would be interested in it and maybe even give us some feedback. We want to expand this to a full feature so all the help is appreciated. This short is about me hope you guys love it.
  9. No sign of wave 15 yet? Hope history doesn't repeat itself
  10. Yeah me too, glad there were so many Variants
  11. Did anyone notice that the Michonne in the series 2-pack os different from the amazon 4-pack? One has a grimace open mouth while the other Michonne is closed
  12. The walking dead series 2 TRU pack with Morgan and Mike comes with a shovel perfect for The Caretaker
  13. I'm definitely buying two sets to get as much variety as possible. These come out in December?
  14. So much obscurity I LOVE IT!!! What are the chances of us seeming them again? 100th wave? I'm taking my chances and voting for Cap Wolf and Cyborg Spidey becaus I know there's a slight chance we'll never see them again. However I know if we don't get blue GR now, he'll show up again somehow.
  15. We should really get WWE minimates. I really loved the Jakks Deluxe aggression but now they're with mattel which I totally find horribl other than the accesories. Woul it be possible for WWE to sign with two toy companies?
  16. ooooooooh. CM Punk vs Stone cold minimates. Wrestlemania 29 prediction?
  17. Picked these up today in dirty jerzey. Debit card was acting weird and was very close to do the "walk of shame" but the the 4th swipe got me through
  18. Found this link when I was just screwing around, and I find my self agreeing with every single scenario lol.
  19. Judging by this ebay pic it looks like it might be Thor through the ages
  20. Just about to ask that. NYCC is just as good as C2E2 and its in the big apple. Plus it gets bigger and bigger every year. I've gone 5 years in a row and DST is always there
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