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  1. That one Eastwood mate with the link is pretty close. I might have to pick up one of those packs. I like the smirk on the Booster face but I think you're right about the eyes. I'll have to pull mine out to see if it could work.
  2. Hey guys! I'm looking to make my first custom minimate figure and it's going to be Indiana Jones. I have all of the parts I need but I'm looking for a better head. So do you guys know of any heads that look like Harrison Ford and have a light beard. Any help would be appreciated!
  3. Hey, I'm new to the minimates scene and I'm looking to make some customs. I've seen that the heads, arms, legs and waist, hands and feet can pop right off and are interchangable. But are the knee and elbows interchangeable too or no because of the little pegs holding them together? Also, is the board where people can post questions about which parts would work best for certain customs? For example, are there any parts out there would make a cool Ken or Guile from Street Fighter? (Anyone with camo army pants?)
  4. Sorry, just found this topic in the other board. Whoops!
  5. I'm in. I've wanting to see the rest of the Street Fighter guys since I first saw the original SF mates.
  6. Here's my list: Juggernaut Rhino Astonishing Wolverine (with mask) Jean Grey (older look from 90's) Bishop (older look from 90's)
  7. Does anyone know if The Watchmen can be made into minimates or are they considered part of DC so it won't happen?
  8. I would love to see these lines made into minimates: Street Fighter (all of them this time around) Mortal Kombat Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Power Rangers The Warriors Bloodsport Predator Horror Movie Villains (Freddy, Jason, etc.) WWE Indiana Jones
  9. Here is my list: 1. Moon Knight 2. Black Panther 3. Ares 4. Cyclops (Jim Lee/90s) 5. Jean Grey (Jim Lee/90s) 6. Jubilee(Jim Lee/90s) 7. Storm (Jim Lee/90s) 8. Scorpion 9. Electro 10. Mr. Sinister And some back-ups: Falcon Speedball Doc Sampson Pyro Avalanche Blob Toad
  10. Does anyone know if these sets will be available at Toys R Us when they are finally released?
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