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  1. Man...those words of hope give me that tingle on the inside.
  2. My LCS (East coast) has them for me on this Wednesday 100% sure. Thanks, WW4M
  3. The dudes at DCD's booth at WWC told us it is a strong possibility that they were done making mates, "for now" quote. He hit hit me with the shoulder shrug head nod type thing. Anyways, F the DCD company, their shat is weak! Weak! WW4M
  4. I read this thread and could not decide my favorite, so I went to my MM shrine, and placed my new sets (dc8 and SOTL) in the cases. Upon reviewing every minimate I own (I have all except gold and silver spidey) I decided that I could not decide. I am not a comic book buff, so I will say the Dark Angel, and here are three reasons: 1) It is Jessica Alba, and I have a slight obsession with her hotness, 2) it was the first minimate ever, and 3) I was most excited about finding this during my "search and conquer" phase (which I miss). I am not sure what is the most valuable mate I own, but I value the custom flip flop paint mate I made with my brother the most, and it was the first and best custom mate I ever did. WW4M
  5. I'm buying them all. That's right people, write THAT in your diary tonight! All of them... (I buy them all anyways, but...I am just saying...) WW4M
  6. Wow. This is some serious high tech type ish raght thur, raght thur...
  7. Unless you have really small arms, that won't be able to be used. Why get an old shield when you can have a new shield! I also do not think that will protect you from oncoming swords and such unless they are super tiny also... just joking. WW4M
  8. I don't think I ever have and ever will hear "you simply must", and "off the hook" used in the same sentence. Indeed, that was a scrupulous display of radically awesome wordplay that was truly the shizzy, for rizzy.
  9. Whatever, don't punch him in the face...knee him in the nards! No haters allowed! (just playing, don't get all mad) Both sets look fantastic. I am seriously upset and confused that WW Chicago is before SDCC this year???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Now when I go to WWC, there will be no new mates (because I bought every mate available and the sdcc exclusive mates won't be out yet), and the chicks in costume are not that "hot & easy" if you will. Sucks. But the mates are truly radical! DST Matt, when I see you at WWC, have some sets for me on the low. WW4M
  10. Got a BD spidey from SM3 today. Thanks so much for paying shipping to give little ol' me something for free.
  11. I am buying them because I collect, but these are TERRIBLE looking Minimates...
  12. Could not agree more...Don't even know if I want to go to WWC now.
  13. Big thanks to Shane, LE, and anyone else that is involved in this giveaway. Thank you so much. I really appreciate being a part of this forum. WW4M
  14. Straight crizzack. Crizz-ac-kkkk. WW4M
  15. They are crack. The hulk is kind of sloppily thought out, and lazily thrown in there, to me anyways.
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