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  1. Has anyone found the zemo wave in southern California yet?
  2. Has anyone found these in southern California yet??
  3. Has anyone seen the magneto set in the southern California area yet?
  4. What?! I've actually been pleasantly surprised by the animated wave lately. The squadron supreme characters were great figures to finally have. I'm a big fan of the animated eaves and would love to hear what villains are planned.
  5. Oh that green suit at the end of the series was atrocious. They could do a variant pack so we can get the blue cloak armor and the red cloak armor. Sadly I don't see either version ever getting made. A guy can dream though I guess.
  6. A Doom 2099 minimate would be so awesome. I was a huge fan of the red cloak costume he wore after he conquered America.
  7. If anyone has any of the nighthawk and power princess sets I'm looking to purchase both. Have had no luck finding these in Southern California yet.
  8. ckerus

    TRU 19

    Found these this past weekend at both the Fullerton, Ca and Cerritos, Ca TRU. Each had at least two full sets left.
  9. ckerus

    TRU 19

    When will these start showing up in stores?
  10. Found the set today at the Buena Park, CA TRU. Tons of sets left if anyone in Southern California is looking for them.
  11. I love fantasy football, i'm currently in a league right now but would be interested in joining another one. PM me the details.
  12. Does anyone know when the the 2 AOA sets are scheduled to be released?
  13. Found the new wave @ the TRU in La Mirada, Ca . They only had the Thor/Loki pack and the Captain America / Wolverine packs. Still looking for the Klaw pack.
  14. Checked the Toysrus at Cerritois , Fullerton , and La Mirada, CA. Found the enitre wave minus Silver Surfer / Swordsman at Cerritois yesterday. They still had a few left. No sign of the Secret Wars set though. If anyone comes across an extra Silver Surfer / Swordsman set let me know, I'd be willing to buy it off you.
  15. Perfect timing. That MODOK will be great for the AIM agents that are bieng released.
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