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  1. found the entire wave last night in NH. really nice set and I'm loving the character selection. these came out really fast too, I only found the Squirrel Girl wave like, 2 weeks ago.
  2. well you know...he's just not him when he's hungry.
  3. awesome pic MINI-MYTE! *sigh*...i miss ToyFare
  4. if anyone is looking for Megabloks sets for their Minimates, Target has all their TMNT sets on sale. Picked up the Baxter Fly Mutagen Chamber set for $10 and another Mouser pack for $2. Mine also had the Party Wagon ($20) and light-up movie Mutagen Chamber set ($13) as well...slim pick'ins. I think I'm going back for the Party Wagon
  5. Wow, my TRU is behind. This wave just hit this week. Got the Hulk and Spidey packs, picking up Wolvie next week (damn toy budget). Really well done wave, loving them all.
  6. I was able to get to TRU last night and found a fresh case of wave 5 (along w/ the Deadpool and Civil War 2 waves) so I'm good, my wallet on the other hand...not so much . Thanks again for the offer MM, I really appreciate it.
  7. so maybe another Spider-Gwen I won't be able to find found all of 2.5 last night. haven't had a chance to open them yet but they look great. glad to have regular Thor and Iron Man, feels like Cap and Hulk have been waiting forever for their teammates. Man-Thing looks awesome...really nice wave all around.
  8. thanks for the offer MisterMiracle, I'll be hitting TRU hopefully this weekend. If I strike out there, I'll take you up on that.
  9. lol, just checked eBay again and there was 1 available for $20 shipped...didn't even hesitate. should be here Monday. i'm all caught up now except for the wave 5 TRU sets.
  10. ah guess I missed it. i was able to get Oroku Saki at Lukes but Baxter was already gone. def not paying $80 for 1 mate so I guess I'll hope that we get a Stockman Fly at some point.
  11. am I the only one who finds it odd that there aren't any listings on eBay for the 1-pers from wave 4? has this wave not hit en force yet?
  12. with that Series 5 pack out, I might just get a whole case. I managed to get Saki off Luke's, but no luck yet with Baxter. None of my LCS carry Minimates anymore so I'm pretty much boned. I'm sure I can find something to do with the extra Turtles. If anyone managed extra Baxter bags for the Mouser and doesn't want duplicates of Stockman himself, please PM me. I'd be willing to pay (via PayPal) full price + s/h just for Baxter.
  13. awesome! those will make for some great accessories! can't wait to see them
  14. thats a good point, idk if it's all TRU stores or just mine but they never clearance until theres an inch of dust on it they're not even ordering new Marvel Mates due to the peg of Animated Nova/Carnage that has taken up residence
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