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  1. My dad told me a doctor of mine had found Captain America & Red Skull, Frontline Captain America & Bucky, Golden Age Captain America & Dum Dum Dugen for me and got them. So I'll get them next month. I am planning to get the Howard Stark & HYDRA Solder when I can.
  2. I check3 and looks like the entire Captain America movie wave will be in stores! I'll check on Tuesday and if they do have them, my cousin Jeremi will pick up the Captain America/Red Skull, Frontline Captain America/Bucky and Golden Age Captain America/Dum Dum Dugan for me.
  3. I checked with my Toysrus today and they said they had Brown Wolverine/Dark Magneto. They have it on hold under my name and mom said she'd pick it up for me. So out of wave 9 I'll have Six Armed SpiderMan/Silver Age Lizard, New Mutant Magik/Waelock (exclusive) and Brown Wolverine/Dark Magneto
  4. It worked. Mom got me Mole Man/Sue Storm two pack and Captain America Through The Ages!
  5. She'll find it easy. Because the man put Captain America Through The Ages and Mole Man/Sue Storm two pack on hold under my name at costumer service.
  6. My mom is heading to Toysrus tonight and will pick up Captain America Through The Ages and Mole Man/Sue Storm for me.
  7. Got off the phone with my Toysrus and they got wave 7 in! They're holding Hulk Buster Iron Man/Gamma Hulk for me and mom is going to pick it up for me today.
  8. I called my local Toysrus today and they said they got their Iron Man 2 MiniMates in yesterday and even had them on hold for me, I told them I only wanted James Rhodes In Mark II Armor and Black Wideo and mom picked it up for me today. I plan to get most of wave 35 when it comes out to local comic stores.
  9. I called my local comic store Steve's Comic Relief yesterday and he said they are getting wave 33 and SpiderMan Friends And Foes in this week. They have Menace and Anti Venom two pack and SpiderMan Friends And Foes box set on hold for me. Dad said he can take me over tomorrow to get them. I hope I can also get the variant to wave 3 also.
  10. I wanted to post. I got my X-Men Origins: Wolverine MiniMate set! Mom ordered me Special Ops Wolverine annd Deadpool, Logan and Sabertooth and Weapon X Wolverine and Silverfox from and got them in the mail today as well as mom getting me Wolverine and Blob earlier this week!
  11. I found out on Diamond Select Toys' web site today that the Iron Man movie MiniMate set is due out 10/8/2008
  12. I got a question to ask. When is the Iron Man Through The Ages box set coming out to comic book stores?
  13. Yes! I managed to get the entire both sets, chase figures as well! I love them! Even better then the X-Men: The Last Stand mates!
  14. I called a comic book store near me and they're getting the sets this week! I asked them to hold onto the SpiderMan 3 MiniMates for me and they are. I'll be able to get both sets with the chase figures! This will be my first ever Peter Parker and Mary Jane MiniMate!
  15. Yeah, I know ha name. I jus waned o make a new account
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