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  1. If you're up for painting, Invincible has the perfect hair/mask for that version of Pym.
  2. Kingpin showed up as a zombie in the 3rd miniseries. Doom was turned into a zombie and appeared in the first miniseries. Magneto and Galactus were only zombified in covers and promotional art/merchandise, if I remember correctly.
  3. Me too. It was pretty obnoxious finding out that way. I ended up buying the comic monthly so it never happens again.
  4. That would be amazing. Citizen V, Fixer/Techno, Atlas, MACH I, Meteorite... Any combination of those would be incredible. Those are the most notable incarnations, really. Various members have come and gone, but most lineups have featured a few of the originals leading a couple supporting team members. I think the only drastically different lineup you didn't list is the Dark Reign Thunderbolts (It's the assassination team that featured Ant-Man (O'Grady), Grizzly, Nuke, Mr. X, Ghost, Paladin, Black Widow, and Headsman. It was a weird mix.). If any of those unlikely candidates get made, I'll be thrilled but surprised.
  5. Three more zombies, eh? Sounds good to me. Gonna have to figure out what to do with the Ultron Drone though, since I don't need it.
  6. Well that's disappointing since Ava Lord and Manute were the biggest film characters left unmade. At least the three boxsets we're getting are fantastic. Not that I am aware of. We had some ideas for some exclusive sets to finish some line-ups, but I do not think any of them found homes. Not Ava Lord, though, as she is in the second movie, and we are only doing the first.
  7. Are there plans to release more sets beyond the third one? I'd love to see characters like Ava Lord and Manute join the collection.
  8. Morbius gets a zombie face after all! Awesome.
  9. I bought the Luke Cage & Iron Fist set, and both Luke and Danny have incorrect limbs (Luke has two right arms with the yellow sleeve, Danny has two left bare arms. Is there any way to get the correct limbs?
  10. Love the news that Holly will come with an alternate head. I'm surprised that Chris and Derek are getting made given some of the characters still missing, but extra human enemies are always good. If nothing else I can use them as the start of a Saviors army.
  11. So, any word on whether Morbius will come with an alternate zombified face? I'm not sure if he counts as a hero or not for purposes of zombie character selection.
  12. My guess/hope is that Morbius will have a zombie head as well. Zombie Morbius masqueraded as his 616 counterpart for a while during MZ 3.
  13. Sounds great, Luke! I don't usually display unmasked variants like Cletus, so I'll look into combining a spare Carnage with a spare Ock to make Monster Ock from the old Spider-Man '64 video game.
  14. So for preordering, will we be charged now or when the items ship? Just gotta plan accordingly, because this set is begging me to order multiples.
  15. Well I absolutely need one, but now I have to see if I can justify buying three for extra goodies.
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