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  1. Congrats winners! Thanks for the fun PK13
  2. Had to ask manager, but they did have the mates in the back, noticed electro last night as I put the kids to bed...
  3. FX has some shows that would make some fun mates: Archer Justified Sons of Anarchy
  4. Gold Arthur from Marvel vs Capcom box set (except the head not gold)
  5. I was able to pick up a set in florida, and they have restocked, I will see if I can pick up an extra set this weekend if they are still there if anyone is interested
  6. a fresh box of wave 16 found it's way on to toys r us shelves in FL today, was in the same aisle as the other mates but way at the other end.
  7. Dinosaurus would be really cool. I'd love to see Conquest, you could theme the box set as Vultrimite war. or a top villians set with the previously mentioned with angstrom levy and a mauler twin (making us buy multiples to have both twins), just so much you could do with this line.
  8. Wave 17 has appeared in FL with wolverine wave, but no 16 yet, holiday shopping is on full swing, let the brawling begin
  9. Found a Elite Heroes Undersea Rescue at mine for 3.98 whoop whoop!!
  10. Awesomeness Pete, thanks for posting
  11. right on, you are good, add a little more character I think
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