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  1. Oh my I love board games! Probably one of my favorite things to do with a group of friends, hurm so favorites: Clue( i recently played this at four in the morning with some friends...I didn't win) Castle Risk Apples to Apples Monoploly...if you are willing to spend a couple hours on one game is an offshoot of Scrabble which is fun aswell. Cranium (Kadoo, Pop 5, etc) Catch Phraise Basically anygame that can get wild with atleast four people is sure to be fun.
  2. You know what?I'm joining you, what youre doing is smart...i did this star wars episode three came out and i was so dissapointed because all the surprises were gone...i had read the spoilers because i was so giddy i was 10ish when this happened 4 years later im making a wise choice...oh btw hot potato with people that are really hungry is called my potato... Oh how I tried to resist watching any trailers, but after reading that review on IGN I couldn't help myself! They have the video preview thingy conviniently placed in the middle of the article...This movie does look amazing and i am totally pumped because I get to view this movie on March 2nd rather than the 6th(although i will probably seeit on the 6th if it is as good as i imagine it to be)
  3. Moral of the story:Don't let little cousins play with em....Freezing overnight usually works for me
  4. They might be the original non c3 feet?
  5. I would kill for this set: The Immortal Weapons: Iron Fist (a newer version with a darker green and no collar) Fat Cobra Dog Brother #1 The Bride of Nine Spiders The Prince of Orphans Tiger's Beautiful Daughter Picture This would be my dream set, but seeing as these characters have only been introduced in the last year or two this set would probably never come out.
  6. Good Lord, it truly is the season of miracles! Welcome back to the miniverse, MrPL! I have no useful response to your question, just wanted to say "Hey!". Its a Festivus Miracle! And Very lucky to still have an exclusive waiting there for you MisterPL
  7. Mine came today! Looks fantastic! Thanks to Shane and Limited Edition and anyone who helped out! Unfortunatly I do not have a camera currently so I can't post a pic of it. It is a skrullified BSG Baltar!
  8. Fat chance he'll survive that encounter! I'll probably open it up as well
  9. The Beatles Simon and Gerfunkel Paul Simon Pink Floyd Journey Kansas The Who Queen Bowie Crosby, Stills, Nash(and Young) The James Gang Pure Praire League(Amie could possibly my favorite song ever) Cat Stevens Israel Kamakawiwo'ole The Blanks( the name of Ted's band from scrubs...his real one) Anberlin Copeland Emery The Format Fun Foo Fighters House of Heroes Incubus Jason Mraz Mae Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies Panic! at the Disco Relient k The Rocket Summer Run Kid Run Say Anything Skillet Switchfoot Weezer and the occasional Rhinana I also am a fan of TSO, Flight of the Concords, And Sweeny Todd
  10. These new ones(as well as your other ones) are simply amazing! I am especially digging your mags2.0 he looks ready to kick some booty. Also im a sucker for anything Iron Fist so I am especially fond of that one aswell
  11. My TRU finally has them in! But I did not have any money because I did not know that I would be stopping by there so I was a little bit disappointed but whatever life goes on . Anywho, they had 3 Spidey/Shocker 2 Venom/Cosmic 2 Kraven 1 hulk but 0 Stealth Iron Man All you Cincy residents Stay back! I say Stay back!
  12. I believe my first of the minimates was the battle damaged Daredevil/ Bullseye pack. I was at the mediaplay(closed now tear tear) and I came across a bunch of packs from wave 4,5,and6. I was immediatly intrigued by these little fellas, but unfortunatly I had no dollars on me. That captain america was a real beaut, but I was with my brother and he did not want to buy any for his poor younger brother I came back the next week and the only pack they had was the DD/bullseye. That was the last time seeing Marvel Minis at media. I snatched it up right away and scoured the store for more...luckily for me they had plenty of the C3batman sets...had being the key word there
  13. While the story itself was rather week, I did quite enjoy Yu's artwork. Now after reading secret invasion 7 again I noticed an error: Iron Fist does know who Uatu The Watcher is! Spiderman mentions the invasion isn't that bad because the watcher hasn't showed up. Danny Rand asks Who? In Civil War 1 Iron fist is posing as DareDevil and is present at the meeting most of the Superheroes are at to discuss the Stamford incident. blah blah blah The Watcher shows up . Iron Fist present at the meeting would mean that he DOES know who Uatu is...Maybe just a minor detail, but to me it makes Iron Fist look stupid...which does not sit well with me. And it seems lazy. Did anyone else notice this?
  14. Well we have 07 for the normal x-box but it is getting old, and I follow it pretty religiously to be honest, I like the updated teams and jerseys and all those things. Does anyone know how the game plays in general?
  15. So i am 85% percent sure that my brothers and I are going to get a 360 for my Dad's house, and we love to play soccer does anyone know if fifa 2009 is any good?
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