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  1. I was in shock after hearing this and the Billy Mays thing. More shocked about the Michael Jackson death, though. It was so... instant and unexpected. I was just watching t.v., then I flipped on MTV and saw his music videos on and in the corner I read that he died. I still can't believe it.
  2. Speaking of TRU, I found all three Heroes/Villains 2-pack exclusives at TRU today and got them. ^^ There were three Hulk/Dr. Doom packs, one Spiderman/Green Goblin pack and one Wolverine/Magneto pack. After I snatched one of each, there were two Hulk/Dr. Doom packs left, then my little cousin (who I got into Minimates...) snatched the second to last Hulk/Dr. Doom pack. It was a good day.
  3. On your Stealth Ironman Version 3, what'd you use for the flames?
  4. I'll die if they get to the Android/Cell Saga (the highlight of DBZ for me; loved it!!) and make it utter garbage, not to mention ruin 18!! Someone stop them. NOW. I'd be interested in how they decide to make Buu... if they make other movies with him in it, that is.
  5. Yeah, I thought the same thing when I first heard about this. Movies that are first video games and/or anime that are made into real life movies just aren't that good, in my opinion.
  6. Too bad there'll be only 2,000 sets sold at the Comic-Con in San Diego. I know I won't be able to go. :/
  7. Awesome! I love all your customs. I can't wait to see what your wips turn out to be. ...but Pile Driver's left nipple is gone. :O By the way, have you ever thought of making a custom of Protocide from the Captain America comics? I think he deserves a Minimate...
  8. Awesome, I've been wanting a lot of these Minimates for a while now. I'm just surprised Kang isn't on there... Bob, thank you for being a wonderful host.
  9. I can't watch it right now, because for some reason Youtube isn't working for me right now, I'll bookmark this page and watch it later when it works... Just wondering, but shouldn't this go in the Funny & Cool Youtube videos thread? :o
  10. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, but I've seen stuff for other Moviemates here (I think a couple being Marvel), too... so I thought this would be the correct place to place it. Well, I don't think I can move the thread, and if I can I don't know how. We'll let the mods take care of that?
  11. I'd love a Thor Minimate (hoping to get the new one coming out...) and I can't find the other Loki & Thor 2packs, so I was wondering, they're making a new Iron Man movie and a Thor movie, and the new Iron Man movie was said to have Thor in it, so wouldn't this increase the chance of getting a new Thor Minimate? I'd love to see a Thor Moviemates box set, and even if they don't make that, that could make an Iron Man 2 Moviemates box set and might include Thor. Who else wants Thor Moviemates?
  12. If they do make a Star Wars box set or pack or whatever, wolverine in his days as a jedi will probably be in it. Just add a dark cloak to Wolverine, and change his claws to small sabers growing out of his fists. Perfect!
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