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  1. Really glad to get a Gladiator! The others aren't a must need for me but I'm going to be buying every wave going forward. Not sure if this line is in trouble or not but there are so few releases nowadays that I want to make sure I'm doing my part to prove there's still interest in Marvel Minimates.
  2. Gabriel

    wave 79

    Really happy with every character in this wave. My AoU Angela came broken out of box so I'm glad to have another shot at her. Really wish I could pre-order reliably here in Canada from local stores and online sites, though. I usually wait until it's in stock at Luke's or when I go to NYC, which is usually only once a year or so.
  3. To continue this page's @DSTZach appreciation, my missing Strong Guy piece arrived today thanks to him!
  4. Still nothing for you? I never heard back and don't expect to at this point.
  5. I just contacted them last night on their Contact Us page on their website. I also had missing pieces from that set. I haven't heard back but it's been less than 24 hours so I'm not worried yet.
  6. Awesome set. Does DST do any sort of missing parts replacement? My friend picked these up for me when he was in New York and now that they're in hand I noticed that one of the BAF arms is missing the wrist accessory. I'm in Canada so a return/exchange won't be possible. The whole wave is really impressive btw.
  7. Love the look of the Venomized mates. The eBay prices really aren't bad (someone has the set for $20) but shipping + imports is $25 USD. Really want to order them but the shipping is such a turn off for me. Hoping Luke gets them and I can get them as part of a large order. Based on the reviews the Cap and Venom look to be the two best from the wave, but I want them all.
  8. Gabriel

    wave 79

    I think Winter 2020 means 3-5 months from now. Winter goes from December 21 2019 -March 19 2020, so the vast majority of Winter 2020 is in January-March. At least I hope.
  9. Gabriel

    wave 79

    Wasn't initially interested in Moondragon or another Angela but I'll be getting the entire wave based on the breakdown. Can't miss out on Ghost Rider.
  10. Gabriel

    wave 79

    Guardians and Black Panther are the only ones that come to mind when I think of movie characters with oly a few comic versions.
  11. A few quick pics I took of the full team + my version of fat Thor. Really glad to finally have the full set. Pic quality got a lot worse after the upload but you get the idea.
  12. That's crazy. Based on some of yesterday's sales I bet it's going to sell at that price too. I managed to grab a set for $55 which I'm happy with. Would have come out to $59 including shipping to Canada if I bought from Luke's if/once he gets these in stock.
  13. Both are looking good and pretty similar to what I wanted to do. Which beard is that on Thor?
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