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  1. Having looked at one of the black/gold Nova minimates after that suggestion of his gloves... i'm probably even more inclined to use that body... i was attracted to using the movie yellowjacket because it at least in some way had a link to it and had a decent and appropriate pattern i could fudge. i've anxiety issues which cause me basically to constantly be shaking so i can't really paint anything. all the other suggestions were great (except pyro's head piece - that is one of the parts of a minimate i hate the most... i wound up using zombie pyro because i hate it so much!) - the angel body part i had considered too and straight away knew what you meant @Chigarillo season 2 jack bauer has blonde hair and yellow glasses attached to that - that seems the easiest "don't have to do any work myself" choice. or using the old falcon goggles, the ones that slip over the head, and possibly trying to tool them / fix them to a hair piece.
  2. having assumed we're never going to get it i'm going to do a frankenstein kitbash of this using this as the base i'm content enough to fudge the lines and accept that as looking close enough but any suggestions for the extra parts i need? hair/goggles are the hardest, the best i can think of is using a cannonball but that's not perfect. also need a good wing back piece that matches the dark silver (and i can just clip on the wasp style wings from something else) any suggestions for other bits i could use to compliment it would be welcome (boots, gloves, shoulder bits, etc)
  3. Has anyone made a chest decal for Hercules? i absolutely hate the chest piece on the champions one.
  4. What hair did you use? Did you paint the greens on her arms and boots darker? I was gonna give her Lady Loki's face (and her face to Lady Loki).
  5. Ah, here we go! @hellpop would body would you recommend this Quasar chest go on? Captain Marvel seems the obvious one and he's exactly what I am using for my current Quasar kitbash.
  6. I forgot Quasar!! One of my favourite characters, he was an Avenger introduced in the 70s... And he shoots to the top of "likely" candidates imo.
  7. Going to try my first printing... has anyone done a chest decal for Quasar? First post says so but i can't look through the whole thread on the off-chance it might show up
  8. Okay, she-hulk... is it just my wave 48 invisible woman that the mvc she-hulk arms, legs and head are too loose on - or is it all invisible woman? i've seen a few people do the obvious kitbash but the arms and head in particular just don't fit tight enough and are therefore super limp on mine
  9. I think part of the appeal of Minimates is that you could probably easily kitbash these yourself if you wanted them that badly.
  10. When is that Enchantress wave due out?
  11. I used Falcon myself for a stand-in (and maybe i'm biased having used it so long but his arms are even better for Eros... since they have the gold already... and other little things like the white shoulders and white in the crotch piece help... the one thing Viewtiful Joe has over it is the white boots).
  12. He first appeared in the 60s (and joined the Avengers in the 60s too). Avengers members who first appeared in the 70s: Brother Voodoo, Jack of Hearts, Mantis, Jocasta, Starfox and Sersi. Hellcat also can count towards this as while she first appeared in the 50s, her costumed identity as Hellcat first appeared in the 70s. I've discounted Captain Britain, Ms. Marvel, Nikki, Nova, Starhawk, Storm and Wolverine as they already have Minimates or wouldn't be defined as Avengers and also Moondragon as she was a few months ago. Mantis, Jocasta and Hellcat are the only ones of these who were also members of the Avengers in the 70s. Jocasta would go well with Stature to complete the Mighty Avengers line-up... Starfox, Sersi... both seem likely obvious choices too... Hellcat would also go with the previously mentioned Moondragon but I think Hellcat would be described as a Defenders member (or at least a member of both teams) if it was her. Brother Voodoo and Jack of Hearts being described as an Avenger, while true, would seem a bit purposely misleading.... another knock is Jack of Hearts is famously a very complicated design so that might be further reason it's not him. We recently got a MCU Mantis Minimate so that makes me feel less likely it'd be her. The only one I think would be unfortunate would be Sersi... as she is definitely a good choice but the upcoming Enchantress in the Animated Line is honestly the perfect body for a Sersi custom. I hope it's Jocasta.
  13. Nevermind, i've found one: Are all the Halo ones like that underneath the helmet?
  14. Can anyone think of a good existing head for this? (Keeping in mind, it needs a hole on top so I can get the hat on.)
  15. AFMcGill

    wave 77

    Probably some modern dreck to go with that Marvel Rising cartoon.
  16. Heh we used the same head for Gyrich.
  17. Some of you are geniuses for thinking of using Heroclix stuff... it also means i can get a shrunken down version of my favourite hank pym costume
  18. I can see a lot of people wanting this M'Kraan Crystal Heroclix thing...
  19. This is interesting... do you have any photos of a Minimate holding one of those? I could do with a Zodiac Key...
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