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  1. LOL... doesnt sound right does it? Pfftt... this anticipation is killing me, people have asked for days on end, can we open our presents yet and thus far only two have cheers, Tk
  2. I still love that one Nervous Ever thought about Soundwave or some of the other Gen 1 transformers? cheers, Tk
  3. Tbh Ady, I wudda been happy with anything ya had sent But its always the thought that counts. No worries on the sending And just to prove I have it, heres an image fresh from me on my bed with my webcam. So what did everyone else get, I'm dying to know. cheers, Tk
  4. *RIPS AND SHREDS THE XMAS PAPER* Hmm... that would explain the squishyness, god bless bubble wrap, I'll play with that later. *RIPS OPEN BUBBLE WRAP* EEEEP! :o My SS knows me well <G> It will sit nicely on my shelf and I will treasure it and make sure no one touches it other than me. Oh and its the Enterprise 1701 corgi Also I'd like to thank Ady because the present itself was subtle as he knows I like Trek, I dont shout it out to the heavens <G> plus it also came from York Thanks Ady cheers, Martin
  5. My eyes keep drifting to my red oblong package that does feel squishy, it may have a T-shirt inside... I dunno though, I want to open it, but I don't want to be the first to 'Officially' open it. cheers, Tk
  6. I would assume so, all we need is a thread <G> Reideen said for everyone to open them. cheers, Tk
  7. *DOES A LITTLE DANCE* It arrived woooo!!!! Im so happy, thank you to my SS, may I find out who you are soon <G> Thank you, thank you <G> oh did I say thank you??? cheers, Tk P.S I think I know whom it is
  8. So not Pee-eu! from the house of Pepe-le-Peu. cheers, Tk
  9. There is another thread for the Transfomers its lower down somewhere. Watched it, liked it... more than likely going to see it. cheers, Tk
  10. I say we wait a little longer, so everyone who is waiting for a gift can open it with the rest As there are bound to be people who haven't received there's yet. cheers, Tk
  11. I vote Thread people didn't participate can see the fun we had and think about participating next year and the fact it went ahead so we're not "Pretending" cheers, Tk
  12. HOLD THE PRESSES! Fans of Firefly, behold... the rebirth: Firefly MMORPG I am very impressed, not only do I play COH and I intend to play the new Star Trek MMORPG and also possibly the Stargate one, I now have this to contend with. It does sound pretty cool, and from that article it seems to be gathering speed. We may just see the Browncoats make a gallant return. cheers, Tk
  13. Indeed I got two things in the post but I bought them for myself <G> cheers, Tk
  14. Does anyone ever truly get what they want for christmas? and if someone says yes, then they're lying. cheers, Tk
  15. Hmmm.... looking back over this year, the last few months haven't been really giving, but lets see I can find some thing: - I won two oscars, one for best supporting actor and best director - I turned 21, so I can go too America and be legal for everything <G> - I keep getting these weird things called Minimates and will treasure them, espcecially since they were given and not bought. - Joined an amazingly cool forum although I didn't really get into when it was elsewhere but now I am here till the end. It hasn't been a good year for me this year, but not one for complaining its had it ups and downs but its the ups you remember Have another good year guys. cheers, Martin
  16. nice Xybot still waiting for mine, but if you send it... it will come <G> cheers, Tk
  17. Well I maybe down south for a few days, but my gift was sent before I came down. So some lucky person out there is getting there's SS I can't wait for mine, I hope it'll be there when I get home <G> cheers, Tk
  18. Thats cool Luke Next project an online minimate game <G> cheers, Tk
  19. I think you mugged Timbo, as you stole the shirt off his back <G> cheers. Tk
  20. Really? God you would never have guessed. <G> cheers, Tk
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