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Is there any reason why I don't have the option to upload images from my computer?

This happened a long time ago too. When I asked for advice people would jusat say that the option was right there... But it wasn't. Then one day it appeared... Now it's gone. :(

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Whoa! Mines workiong!!!!!

Not sure if anybody did anything, but thanks! :biggrin:

Okay, nope... I'm very confused. I've just tried it a dozen times in different threads. So far the only ones it works for are this thread and BSG 7" toys. Help?

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Are there certain forums that allow images and others that don't?

For ex: I haven't found a thread in the videogames forum I can post an image on.

It is a possiblity of the software, but its not set that way. Let me double check the settings and your profile settings. Maybe you were accidentally put in the "trouble makers" group with BHM. :P

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