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Situation Vacant . Pile of loot.


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I live in the UK & I often buy stuff from the US , mainly toys that I might see on US eBay etc.  Shipping small items directly (individually) to the UK is expensive so I'm looking for a patient, reliable person in the US who would be willing to become my US 'storage centre' . I don't buy massive amounts of stuff but it is much more practical that I use a US address to get stuff sent to , with a view to re-sending it all, eventually, to the UK.  I am a collector NOT a retailer/seller . 

It's a bit like a 'pile of loot' -when the pile gets big enough the 'storer' sends the stuff to me , I of course pay the shipping & any other out-of-pocket expenses . I will rely on the 'storer' to store ,pack &'s the worst bit ....deliver the stuff to the post office etc.  It could be a big box !  In essence I rely on the sender ....entirely .

I, of course, don't expect anybody (& wouldn't want anybody) to do this for nothing :no:  

There have been several people (here) over the years that have done this for me , it has always gone well & I am truly grateful to them.  I am entirely sure that any of them would (if you wanted) vouch for my sincerity/honesty .  

If anybody is interested , please PM me & I'll answer any questions.



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Hey Rob, I still have stuff for you but not very much.  I had been waiting until I got more for a "reasonably" sized shipment.  I am always happy to forward things on.

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