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Eaglemoss in administration ( chapter 11 bankruptcy)

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Very bad news if you are in the midst of any of their partworks/collections :unsure:

I collected the Doctor Who figurines , coming in late a 2 or 3 years ago, after buying up a couple of collections from lapsed collectors.  I've still spent a small fortune on keeping them up together but this news will be a bombshell for anybody following the part-works .  

There's whispers of some sort of restructure of the group but, more to the point, they apparently owed the Chinese manufacturers big money. 

Truth is that they were a shite company to deal with in all respects. I'm not notorious for my patience but 'Eaglemoss' knew how to bring the worst out in me .


Their products however were generally pretty special ....especially if they arrived unbroken ,which was rare, consequently I have become adept at super- gluing appendages back onto Eaglemoss daleks .      I am also pretty good at ungluing my finger & thumb .

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