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Rick and Morty


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Who's into the show enough to collect some (or all) of the toys?

I just started the show a few weeks ago, and I love it. I got the replica portal gun in my Pile of Loot at BBTS along with some of the McFarlane building sets (Scary Terry, Krombopulos Michael, and Ants in My Eyes Johnson), snagged a Pint Size Snowball & flocked con exclusive Funko Pop Snowball (he's totally my favorite character, despite only being in one episode - so far, I'm only halfway through season 3 right now) off eBay, and grabbed the Funko action figure of Mr. Poopy Butthole (with Snowball's build-a-figure piece) & a Mystery Mini (which turned out to be Squanchy!) on my way to work this morning. I plan to get more, but as probably all of you know, adding in a new line into your current toy budget isn't easy, so I'm going to have to go slowly.

No pics yet since I'm at work (though I suppose I could take pics of the figures I just got this morning), but feel free to share your own!

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I'm one Mr. Meeseeks away from completing Snowball. I'll probably try to grab one on my way home from work tonight. Snagged Birdperson & got Mystery Mini Arthricia on my way to work this morning. Then jumped on eBay to grab a Mini Birdperson & Snowball. Got a lot of Minis Jerry, Beth, Summer, and Mr. Poopy Butthole on the way from eBay. So far no doubles, but I don't expect that to last. Still, I've gone longer (Squanchy, Doofus Rick, now Arthricia) without duplicates buying blind than I have with the Stranger Things boxes. STOP WITH THE BLIND SH**. JUST LET US CHOOSE WHAT WE'RE BUYING. :wallbash:Especially when different stores have their own rare exclusives. F*ck off, seriously. Ugh.

The Pickle Rick figure in the Krombopulos Michael wave isn't real?

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