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Horizon Zero Dawn


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Has anyone tried this new Playstation exclusive?  I just finished it over the weekend and it is a fantastic game!  The graphics are beautiful and the story is very compelling and interesting, I think it definitely ranks in my top 10 of all time.  I'd also LOVE an Aloy (Main Character) minimate!


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I picked it up but I'm having difficulty progressing in the story because I just keep dicking around and shooting robot dinosaurs. I'm kinda annoyed with myself about it but... robot dinosaurs. And shooting them in the face. It's irresistible. 

One time I got ganged up on by a pack of scrappers, a Sawtooth, three watchers, and the dragon-y one. Bellowback I think. 

It hurt. It hurt a lot. 

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lol I would always get distracted like that as well, even chasing down the real animals because their bones and skins are needed for capacity upgrades.  I think it's great that they made the leveling such that even at max level, you can get overwhelmed easily by a pack of dinos (As you should!).

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