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Revoltech Marvel (Comics)


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So, with Venom just being revealed today, Spider-Man pre-orders sold out, and a few Deadpools still hanging around, I wanted to talk about the comic figures somewhere.

Does anyone have these? How do you like them? I have my eyes set on Deadpool....

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I have Deadpool (of the Marvel ones - I have a bunch others of other licenses). I've always had a love/hate relationship with the Revoltech joints, as they're ugly as sin, and difficult to maneuver (and are impossible at recreating a relaxed, passive stance), but once you get them into the right positions, they put figures into poses you can only dream of.

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10 hours ago, handsomedevil said:

Wow.  Had no idea these even existed.  You guys cost me too much money!  hahaha!  I need that Deadpool.  Where is the best place to get them and best price you've seen?  I haven't bought a Revoltech in forever.  I only have Optimus Prime, Megatron and Starscream...

Big Bad Toy Store and Toy Source, and Amazon still have a couple each.

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