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Found 17 results

  1. New X-Men coming in 2025.... probably. Even if it's not locked in, it's good enough for to get excited and to start wishlisting. The 'obscure X-Villain' clue has me hoping we might see a member the Marauders from Mutant Massacre or perhaps S'ym/N'astirh from Inferno. What obscure 80s villain are y'all hoping to see?
  2. So as i was coming back home from Chicago and i started doodling and i thought. "We have minimates based on MvC and Sony exclusives... can we get a minimate based on the new Spidey game? It would be lit.. just to give an idea i did make a low quality draft
  3. With the reveal of wave 77 last week, it seems an appropriate time to begin speculating about the next comic book specialty wave to be released; Wave 78! What theme and characters do you think it will be? Or which theme or characters are you wishing for?
  4. After that new trailer released today i'm too interested in some TV mates.
  5. I received my Avengers: Infinity War Box Set today and noticed some quality issues I don't normally see with Box Sets. First off - Bucky's open-fingered glove is on the wrong hand. It shouldn't be on his metal arm. Easily correctable but a bit sloppy. And then there is a missing handgun for Black Widow. She comes with two holders but one handgun. Anyone else notice this?
  6. Here are the first of the SDCC 2017 exclusives:
  7. Lose the hood and that's actually my pajama/bathrobe combo! As for a Strange wave, I'm sure we'll not get any comic-based stuff close to the movie's release. But maybe next year we'll see some characters from his world throw in some "random" wave.
  8. So I know this was kind of mentioned in the Monsters thread but how many other people would like for a deluxe or all-in-one kind of treatment for certain characters? I know this would probably never be done because of the need for re-dos when it comes to A-Listers but it would still be nice right? Something like a Deluxe Comic Spider-Man set where it would have - Parts for a Peter with normal clothes (or possibly nerdy early Pete) or just Pete with different expressions -Maybe a McFarlane spidey with an alternate head with the mask half up like the animated Spidey -Different types of webs!!! An extra long web line with a web blanket of sorts in the middle that could double as a web parachute or net and a regular web line? Or maybe even a Flash Thompson mate -Purple letterman jacket Flash -Agent Venom parts and maybe a wheelchair? -Space Knight venom parts and mechanical legs even if they retailed at twenty dollars I'd still see it as a win for not having to track down Venom TTA Agent Venom...
  9. So we know everyone has varying degrees of collection, from one or two to one or two thousand. So let's see what you got I'll start with my two 8foot shelves Starting with a complete set of Peter Pan mates, the Zombie Max mates, and one lone Marty McFly in the background On to every single ghostbuster And every single ghost then various Marvel Heroes and Villains Move down to the complete Big Bang Theory and some blanks in the background and then ICE CREAM KITTY and friends Various fighters from MvC3, SFvT, Darkstalkers, etc, and other misc lady mates as well as the Hall of Armours (waiting for proper displays for the armours) Avengers ASSEMBLE! And then some of my favorite action movies Terminator 2 Alien and the complete set of Expendables! and finally two morose mother f***ers and some mates from their mother f***in movies Now it's your turn. Snoogans.
  10. Hi I've been lurking around this forum for while, just decided to registered a few days back. I'm a minimates lover from Thailand. I normally don't collect toys and all, just comics. That was until i saw my first minimates. I have never felt any other toylines represent old school marvel characters as well as these little guys. I'm now up to about 30-40 individuals minimates and a few boxsets! Now, getting minimates in Thailand is difficult as nobody is importing them in, so i ordered from Luke's, ebay and BBTS. I'm just glad I'have found this site, to share and trade ideas, and just genral chat. Nice to meet you guys. Anil, Bangkok, Thailand Here's my Thai Minimates Club Face Book, where our group is posting photos of our collections. My Ongoing project is minimates comics recreations. (only a few at the moment, but hoping to make more)
  11. HELLO ALL! We are just over a week away from this year's San Diego Comic-Con! It's bound to be a great show for Minimates with all the news, exclusives, and giveaways that DST has planned for us. This will be my first year attending the show, and I couldn't be more excited. I am not sure how many board members are going, but meet and greets are always fun occasions. Since everyone is so busy during the Con, I was thinking us attendees could organize a quick meet up. Perhaps at the DST booth before the panel. I know it's not as extravagant or well-planned as the C2E2 one, but I doubt we will have as many members attending this convention. What does everyone think? I am totally open to suggestions. Regards, -CBMM1
  12. Hello everyone. How are you doing? I hope you are doing fine!! : )So this topic is about my customs minimates.I have only a few BUT many more will come. So let's get down to it. First we have scorpion from mortal kombat: His appereance is not based on a certain game, it's a blend of the old and the modern scorpion. Here we have a zombie,nothing special: And last but not least SPAWN, he is a repainted mate with a mephisto cape with warhammer skulls and shields,gun holsters and chains glued to him: Bye for now but i will come back!!!
  13. Well, since September is halfway over and we're less than a month away from NYCC i thought it'd be good to start this thread.Also,DC announced its exclusives:
  14. Hi, guys! I recently started collecting minimates but I've been collecting Marvel Legends, Select, Play Arts Kai and some other lines for the past 9 years. I've been making reviews and taking pictures of these action figures for quite some time already. Toy Photography is one thing that I integrated with this hobby and it's what brought me here to the minimates line too. Anyway, here are some links of my channels, sites and portfolios. The Advocate's Den (Toy Reviews and Photography) Toy Photography Instagram Facebook Page Portofilio Minimates. by advocatepinoy, on Flickr
  15. not sure if there's aleady a thread for this, but i'd love to see some minimate control arts from DST. like the ones that got made & ones that didn't.
  16. Here you go with my very first set of reviews! I usually review Marvel Legends, Selects and random lines. Now, Minimates! Enjoy!
  17. Hello Minimate Multiverse, My friend and I made a small 10 minute documentary on me and my minimate collection. I figured you guys would be interested in it and maybe even give us some feedback. We want to expand this to a full feature so all the help is appreciated. This short is about me hope you guys love it.
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