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  1. As I (and the other staff who actually do the stuff) are getting messages from various sources of stuff to fix and the like I figured I'd pull it all into one place. If you are aware of an issue that ISNT in this thread then it needs to be, or else I'll ignore it. Fixed: Emails full of junk code / UTF Chars Quotes not attributing sources on Mobile Skin Skin changes locking members out of forum Pending: Clicking to edit the "About Me" section of profiles generates an error Add ability to preview posts on quick edit box Restore corrupt/missing smilies Restore animated avatars Increase avatar sizes Amend server config for FURLs Impossible: Return to old skin Split out profile and avatar pics. You have one now.
  2. Yeah was mentioned earlier, its on the list: (This so we can keep track of what needs doing)
  3. Yes but only from the "Full Reply" screen (the one accessed via the "More Reply Options" button
  4. Interestingly Mark Millar once dumped a load of comics into a classroom, almost all the Liefield drawn issues were the most popular with kids.
  5. Surely just remove the feet from the regular cap mate and repaint one of the big chest parts?
  6. Thats on my list, hopefully the same code change to relax avatar dimensions will re-enable animations.
  7. We'll its not getting changed back. (Not meaning to be overly blunt, but there are 1001 reasons why)
  8. Not purposefully, there was a rollback with the DB
  9. Im trying but oddly it appears to require code changes because IPB have gone a little odd with settings now. I appear to currently have no FTP access so I cant fix that at the moment. Emails should be less broken now at least (can someone check?)
  10. I did very little, credit for everything goes to Shane Galaxy S3 (Jelly Bean) in the default Internet browser and Chrome. It still looks great, and it takes about two seconds to scroll up to see who said what, so it's not a big deal.Edit: And now they're working in the default browser. Chrome still has problem: Will investigate, Chrome is curious, have you tried using the newer chrome version? Despite the best efforts of the demon lord g'dd'y you can no longer lock yourself out of the site by changing skins. Anyone on ANY other skin has also been rescued from the abyss
  11. There were more.... Profile pics and avatars been separate was daft and pointless, they were merged under the setting of photo here, you can simply switch it to a different picture and everything is fine.
  12. Quote tags work on mobile for me. what device/browser?
  13. Also, Im aware of the issue with editing your own profile. Im on it...
  14. All blame for all problems can still merrily be directed at g'dd'y, beast with a thousand servers. Should have a contest to customise a horrific g'dd'y minimate tbh... I've just spent some time poking random settings, the board should act like you're used to, even if it looks a little more... modern. If you're using a decent browser you'll notice its all very fancy and doesn't reload pages half as often now.
  15. g'dd'y ate my post. Finally got my Mechromancer to 50 on the 360 version, don't suppose anyone has some spare gear kicking around do they? After hundreds of hours farming stuff on the PC Im not overly keen on doing it again :/
  16. Just as well, because Tapatalk is rather broken ;-) Sent from my R800i using Tapatalk 2
  17. Drop me a PM with any weirdness. A lot of minor tweaks I've made over the years haven't made it to this update. (Im aware of the header image issues)
  18. I check the boards most days but I must admit I rarely post, I feel like a traitor to mates, the last mates I picked up were the RGB Ghosts the other year, sad but true :/
  19. * realizes he really should add a +1/Like button to posts*
  20. The dark underlords of the internet feed upon witty comments, your sarcasm and wit is their lifeblood. Recreating them now would only anger G'dd'y lord of this domain who would know that he had devoured such precious morsels once before.
  21. The internet gods took much appeasing, your pictures were indeed sacrificed. Apologies, and yes please repost them.
  22. \o/ For what its worth I foresee some future downtime as we escape the tyrannical clutches of our current host. (I realize that makes MMMV sound like a parasite)
  23. Stan actually congratulated Dan on Twitter over the issue. Having read it and Superior #1 its clear where its going and as usual the hate is just people over reacting or not quite grasping whats going on.
  24. I'd love to know what happened to you Reideen if you are around.
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